Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua

Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 23,  2009


ISSN 1512-0066

Editorial Board



G. Akhalaya, M. Amaglobeli, J. Antidze, N. Avazashvili, M. Basheleishvili,

N. Chinchaladze, T. Davitashvili,  U. Goginava, L. Gogoladze, D. Gordeziani, G. Jaiani,

T. Jangveladze (Editor), A. Kharazishili, S. Kharibegashvili, N. Khomasuridze,

Z. Kiguradze (Deputy Editor), R. Koplatadze, T. Kutsia, T. Meunargia,

E. Nadaraya, D. Natroshvili, R. Omanadze, K. Pkhakadze, J. Rogava,  K. Rukhaia,

J. Sharikadze, T. Tadumadze, T. Vashakmadze





Antidze J., Rukhaia Kh., Mishelashvili D., Tibua L. Translation of theorem-proving text in   to    natural language text. (pdf file)

Aptsiauri A., Jangveladze T., Kiguradze Z. On asymptotic behavior of solution of one nonlinear one-dimensional integro-differential analogue of  Maxwell's system.

(pdf file)

Babilua P., Dochviri B. On the comparison of prices in the discrete Kalman--Bucy model. (pdf file)

Davitashvili T., Khantadze A., Kutaladze N. Droughts and desertification problems on the territory of Georgia.  (pdf file)

Dochviri B., Purtukhia O., Sokhadze G. On existence and uniqueness of solution of general second order elliptic type differential equation in Hilbert space. (pdf file)

Dzagnidze O. On the derivability and representations of quaternion functions.  (pdf file)

Gogia A., Meunargia T. The stresses concentration problem for cylindrical shells on the I. Vekua's high approximations. (pdf file)

Gogoladze L. On the uniform convergence of multiple power series on the distinguished boundary. (pdf file)

Ivanidze D., Ivanidze M. Uniqueness of solutions to exterior boundary value problems of thermoelastostatics. (pdf file)

Jangveladze T., Kiguradze Z., Nikolishvili M. On approximate solution of one nonlinear two-dimensional diffusion system. (pdf file)

Jangveladze T., Lobjanidze G. Variational formulation of one nonlocal boundary problem. (pdf file)

Jikia V. On some properties of the solutions space of irregular Carleman-Vekua equation.  (pdf file)

Kakubava R., Gulua D., Pipia G. Optimization of complex technical systems with two service types. (pdf file)

Kapanadze J. A non-local boundary problem for equation in the space  . (pdf file)

Kapanadze O. A Georgian language morphological parser. (pdf file)

Kobadze N.  Steady motion of viscous incompressible conducting fluid in plane pipe with external magnetic field. (pdf file)

Kutaladze N., Mikuchadze G., Davitashvili T. Weather research  forecast  local area model application for Georgia's conditions. (pdf file)

Papukashvili A., Manelidze G. On application of alternating to perturbation techniques method to singular integral equations containing an immovable singularity.

 (pdf file)

Papukashvili G., Peradze J.  A numerical solution of string oscillation equation. (pdf file)

Papukashvili G., Peradze J., Rogava J.  An approximate algorithm for a Kirchhoff nonlinear dynamic beam equation. (pdf file)

Pkhakadze K., Abzianidze L., Maskharashvili A. The first version of the intellectual computer system in the Georgian written language. (pdf file)

Pkhakadze K., Abzianidze L., Maskharashvili A. The mathematical analysis of Georgian declarative vebs. (pdf file)

Pkhakadze K., Chichua G., Vashalomidze A., Abzianidze L., Maskharashvili A., Chiqvinidze M. The Georgian reader-listener system with the user's possibility to build in an own synthetic voice. (pdf file)

Pkhakadze K., Chichua G., Vashalomidze A., Abzianidze L., Maskharashvili A., Chiqvinidze M. The Georgian text reader system with the user's possibility to build in an own synthetic voice. (pdf file)

Rogava I.  Discrete fuzzy prolog. (pdf file)

Rukhaia M. Integration of ontologies with rule systems. (pdf file)

Shapakidze L. The effect of the temperature gradient on the stability of flow between two permeable cylinders. (pdf file)

Shulaia D. On an example from the spectral representation theory of the linear miltigroup transport problem. (pdf file)

Sokhadze R. On a version of non-local Bitsadze-Samarsky problem for linear mixed type equation. (pdf file)

Svanadze K. Two-dimensional modified boundary value problem of statics of the theory of elastic mixtures. (pdf file)

Topuridze N. Number of components of the zero-sets of quaternionic polynomials. (pdf file)

Tsitskishvili A., Tsitskishvili Z., Tsitskishvili R. Stationary liquid flows between two noncoaxial permeable/nonpermeable cylindrical surfaces. (pdf file)

Tskvedadze R., Kipiani G., Tabatadze D. Analysis of composite orthogonal  plates. (pdf file)