Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua

Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 34,  2020



ISSN 1512-0066

Editorial Board

G. Akhalaia, M. Amaglobeli, J. Antidze, N. Avazashvili, M. Baaz (Austria), T. Chilachava, N. Chinchaladze,
T. Davitashvili,
E. Evseev (Israel), Ts. Gabeskiria (English Editor),  G. Giorgadze, U. Goginava,

 L. Gogoladze, G. Jaiani,  T. Jangveladze (Editor),   A. Kharazishili, S. Kharibegashvili, N. Khatiashvili,

Z. Kiguradze (Deputy Editor), R. Koplatadze, T. Kutsia (Austria),V. Kvaratskhelia, H. Meladze,

T. Meunargia, E. Nadaraya, D. Natroshvili, B. Neta (USA), R. Omanadze, O. Purtukhia, J. Rogava, 

Kh. Rukhaia, J. Sharikadze, N. Shavlakadze, T. Tadumadze, T. Vashakmadze, T. Vepkhvadze






Amaglobeli M.  Free constructions in categories of exponential MR-groups (pdf file)


Bitsadze S.  Study of the basic boundary value problems of statics of the theory of thermoelasticity by the potential method  (pdf file)

Chilachava T., Pochkhua G., Sulava L., Chakaberia M.  Mathematical and computer modeling of political conflicts in the case of variable coefficients  (pdf file)

Davadze S., Giorgadze M., Purtukhia O. Stochastic integral representation of some Brownian functional with explicit expression of integrand (pdf file)

Di Nola A., Grigolia R., Liparteliani R.  On 2-generated free S1ω-algebras (pdf file)


Gielis J., Tavkhelidze I.  The Mӧbius phenomenon in  Generalized Mӧbius-Listing bodies with cross sections of odd and even polygons  (pdf file)

Gogoladze L., Cagareishvili G.  Absolute convergence of general Fourier series (pdf file)

Gulua B., Meunargia T. The solution of some problems of the theory of  thermoelasticity with microtemperatures for a circular ring (pdf file)

Jamaspishvili T., Shavlakadze N.  The boundary value problems for piecewise-homogeneous viscoelastic plate (pdf file)

Jangveladze T.  Investigation and approximate solution of nonlinear integro-differential equation of diffusion type (pdf file)

Kapanadze T.  Study of the basic boundary value problems of stationary oscillations of the theory of thermoelasticity with microtemperatures and microrotation by the potential method (pdf file)

Khimshiashvili G. Dual extremal problems in polygon spaces (pdf file)

Khimshiashvili G. Symmetric foliations in spaces of triangles (pdf file)

Makhaldiani N. Renormdynamics of space dimension and quarkonium potentials (pdf file)

Mania M., Tevzadze R. On martingale transformations of the linear Brownian motion (pdf file)

Meskhia R. Fourier trigonometric series with gaps (pdf file)

Papukashvili A., Papukashvili G., Sharikadze M. On the numerical  computations of an anti-plane problem in the case of isotropic composite body weakened by a crack (pdf file)

Pharjiani B., Kvatadze T., Kvatadze Z. On an application of density estimation constructed by means of chain dependent samples (pdf file)

Shavgulidze K. On the spaces of spherical polynomials and generalized theta-series with quadratic forms of type (-2, q, 1)  (pdf file)

Sorriso-Valvo L., Elbakidze Kh., Kharshiladze O., Kvaratskhelia D. Energy transfer process in space plasma turbulence (pdf file)

Tavkhelidze I., Gielis J., Pinelas S. About some methods of analytic representation and classification of a wide set of geometric figures with "complex" configuration (pdf file)

Tikanadze L.  On Jensen's functional equation (pdf file)

Vashakmadze T. To the creation of consistent models for of  thin-walled structures (pdf file)

Vepkhvadze T. Representation functions of binary quadratic forms belonging to multi-class genera (pdf file)