Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua

Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 20, #1-3, 2005



ISSN 1512-0066

Organaizing Commitee: D. Gordeziani (Chairman), N. Avazashvili (Secretary),

G. Jaiani, I. Tavkhelidze.

Chairmens of sections: Prof.GJaiani,  Prof. M. Basheleishvili & Prof. D.Gordeziani

Edited by: Prof. T. Jangveladze, Prof. M. Svanadze, Prof. T. Davitashvili & Prof. I. Tavkhelidze



Programm of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics. (pdf file)

Section N1

Avalishvili G., Avalishvili M., Gordeziani D.  Initial Boundary Value Problem for One Generalization of Schrödinger Equation. (pdf file)

Jangveladze T., Kiguradze Z.  On the Asymptotic Behaviour As  t®¥  of Solutions of One Nonlinear Integro-Differential Parabolic Equation Arising in the Penetration of a Magnetic Field Into a Substance. (pdf file)

Ricci P., Tavkhelidze I.  About the Analytic Representation of a Class of Geometrical Figures, Surfaces and Lines. (pdf file)

Shulaia D.  On a Linear Integral Equation of the Third Kind Arising From the Neutron Transport Theory. (pdf file)


Section N2

Baghaturia G.  Non-Stationery Problem of Transversely Displaced Crack Propagation in an Infinite Elastic Compound Zone.  (pdf file)

Chokoraia D.  The Mixed Boundary Value Problem for the Non-Shallow Spherical Shells. (pdf file)

Giorgashvili L. Meladze R.  About One Non-Classical Poblem in  Theory of Elasticity. (pdf file)

Giorgashvili L., Toradze D., Tsagareli I.  Solution of the First Boundary Value Problem of Statics of the  Theory of Thermoelastic Mixture for a Disc. (pdf file)

Gulua B.  About One Boundary Value Problem for Non-Shallow Cylindrical Shells. (pdf file)

Janjgava R.  Partially  Clamped Shallow Shells Composition of Binary Mixture. (pdf file)

Kharashvili M.  The Stationary Current of the Micropolar Viscous Incompressible Fluid Outside of an Ifinite Pipe. (pdf file)

Khmiadashvili M., Skhvitaridze K. Two Elastic Solids Interaction Problem. (pdf file)

Meunargia T. The Method of a Small Parameter  for the Non-Shallow Shells. (pdf file)

Sadunishvili G., Karseladze G. Elastic Body in the Scalar Field. (pdf file)

Svanadze K.  Generalized Robin's Problems for the Equation of Statics of the Elastic Mixtures. (pdf file)

Zirakashvili N.  An Application of the Boundary Element Method in Numerical Analysis of Stress Concentration for Elastic Body. (pdf file)

Zirakashvili N.  Solution of Outside Problem of Plane Elasticity Theory by Boundary Element Method.

(pdf file)


Section N3

Antidze J., Gulua N.  On Semantic Analysis of a Natural Language Phrases. (pdf file)

Antidze J.,  Mishelashvili D.  Software Tools for Morphological and Syntactic Analysis of Georgian Texts. (pdf file)

Bolotashvili G. The Examples of Non-Integer Vertices of the Relaxation Polytope of the Linear Ordering Problem and Their Structure. (pdf file)

Davitashvili T., Geladze G., Gunava G., Mirianashvili Q., Samkharadze I.  Study of Variations of Meteorological Fields on  Human  Health. (pdf file)

Davitashvili T., Geladze G., Gunava G.,  Samkharadze I.  On the Mathematical Model  Describing of Georgian Territory Possible Pollution From the Hot Points Dispersed in the Northern Caucasus. (pdf file)

Komurjishvili O.  Finite Difference Schemes for Multidimensional Parabolic Type Equation with Constant Coefficients. (pdf file)

Lobjanidze G.  On One Variational Interpretation of Bitsadze-Samarskii Non-Local Boundary Value Problem

for the Biharmonic Equation. (pdf file)

Sharikadze J.,  Kobadze N.  Some Unsteady Problems of Conducting  Fluid Near an Infinite Flat Plate with External Magnetic Field. (pdf file)