Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua

Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 33,  2019



ISSN 1512-0066

Editorial Board

G. Akhalaia, M. Amaglobeli, J. Antidze, N. Avazashvili, M. Baaz (Austria), T. Chilachava, N. Chinchaladze,
T. Davitashvili,
E. Evseev (Israel), Ts. Gabeskiria (English Editor),  G. Giorgadze, U. Goginava,

 L. Gogoladze, G. Jaiani,  T. Jangveladze (Editor),   A. Kharazishili, S. Kharibegashvili, N. Khatiashvili,

Z. Kiguradze (Deputy Editor), R. Koplatadze, T. Kutsia (Austria),V. Kvaratskhelia, H. Meladze,

T. Meunargia, E. Nadaraya, D. Natroshvili, B. Neta (USA), R. Omanadze, O. Purtukhia, J. Rogava, 

Kh. Rukhaia, J. Sharikadze, N. Shavlakadze, T. Tadumadze, T. Vashakmadze, T. Vepkhvadze






Amaglobeli M. On the of nilpotent and solvable  MR- groups (pdf file)


Bitsadze S. Problem of statics of the linear thermoelasticity of the microstretch materials with microstructure and microtemperatures (pdf file)


Chilachava T. On the exact solution of the rotating three-axis gas ellipsoid of Jacobi which is in its own gravitational field (pdf file)


Chilachava T., Pochkhua G.,  Kekelia N., Gegechkori Z. Research of the dynamic systems describing mathematical models of resolution of conflict (pdf file)


Etienne R. J. Generating functions and spectral asymptotics of self-similar fractal strings (pdf file)


Giorgadze G.,  Jikia V. The Euler integral of the first kind. The high order singularity (pdf file)


Gorgisheli S. Localized boundary-domain integral equations approach with piecewise constant cut-off function for the Dirichlet problem of the heat transfer equation with a variable coefficient (pdf file)


Jaoshvili V., Mamporia B., Purtukhia O.  Stochastic integral representation of Poisson functionals with an explicit form of the integrand  (pdf file)


Kapanadze T. A reprezentation formula of a general solution of the homogeneous system of differential equations for the microstretch materials with microstructure and microtemperatures (pdf file)


Khatiashvili Nino, Khatiashvili Nata. On the quantum properties of 3D carbon nanostructures (pdf file)


Makhaldiani N. Nonperturbative extension of perturbative quantum  chromodynamics (pdf file)

Mamporia B., Purtukhia O. Banach space valued functionals of the one dimensional Wiener process (pdf file)


Papukashvili A., Papukashvili G.,  Sharikadze M. On a numerical realization for a Timoshenko type   nonlinear beam equation (pdf file)


Peradze J., Kalichava Z., Tsiklauri Z.  The accuracy of the finite difference scheme for a nonlinear dynamic beam problem (pdf file)


Pkhakadze K., Malidze SH., Chikvinidze M., Chichua G., Kurtskhalia D., Oqroshiashvili N., Demurchev K.  The trial versions of the new developing tools of the Georgian universal smart corpus (pdf file)


Shavgulidze K.  The spaces of spherical polynomials and generalized theta-series (pdf file)


Shulaia D. The algorithm to construct the eigenfunctions  of the multi-velocity transport theory (pdf file)


Tavkhelidze I., Gielis J. Structure of the  dm- knives and process of cutting of  GML_m^n  or  GRT_m^n bodies (pdf file)


Vashakmadze T. To the realization of the Gauss-Hermite approximate method for the Cauchy problem (pdf file)


Vepkhvadze T. Positive integers not represented by a binary quadratic form (pdf file)

 Zerakidze Z., Aleksidze L., Eliauri L.  Bayesian consistent criteria for  the Wiener process (pdf file)

Zerakidze Z., Mumladze M.  Baysian consistent criteria for hypotheses testing (pdf file)