Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua

Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 21,  2006-2007



ISSN 1512-0066

Chairmen of sections:

D. Gordeziani, T. Davitashvili, J. Rogava

T. Meunargia,  G. Akhalaia

Editors:  D. Gordeziani, T. Davitashvili,  T. Jangveladze, G. Akhalaia






Section of Computing Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling. (pdf file)

Abuladze T., Babilua P., Dochviri B., Shashiashvili M.  On the Modeling of the European Option Pricing Theory. (pdf file)

Andreev A., Chalidze A. Distance Education: the Condition and Problems. (pdf file)

Babilua P., Bokuchava I., Dochviri N., Shashiashvili M.  On the Problem of Convergence of Costs. (pdf file)

Davitashvili T., Samkharadze I., Gunava G., Geladze G., Dikhaminjia N. On One 3D Numerical Model of Harmful Substances Transfer with Account of Composite Orography. (pdf file)

Davitashvili T., Geladze G., Dikhaminjia N.  Mathematical Modeling of Soil Pollution by Oil for Urban Conditions. (pdf file)

Davitashvili T., Gunava G., Geladze G., Dikhaminjia N.  On One Numerical 3D Model of Soil Pollution by Oil under High Pressure. (pdf file)

Devdariani G., Gubelidze G.  On Hydravlic Calculus of the Main Pipe-line or a Base of  the Non-linear Model. (pdf file)

Geladze G., Davitashvili T., Skhirtladze N., Gunava G.  About the Numerical Model of Clouds by Taking into Account of Some Additional Moments of Solar Radiation. (pdf file)

Geladze G., Davitashvili T., Skhirtladze N., Gunava G. The Numerical Model of Clouds by Taking into Account of Microphysics Elements. (pdf file)

Peradze J. Approximation of a Local Solution of the Kirchhoff String Equation. (pdf file)

Khvedelidze Z., Davitashvili T., Samkharadze I.  Investigation of Features of Aero and Hydro-Dynamic Flows in a Narrow Channel in View of the Relief of Bottom. (pdf file)

Komurjishvili O., Khomeriki N.  On a Difference Scheme for Solution of Systems of Equations of Dynamical Multidimensional Problems of the Elasticity Theory and Shell Theory. (pdf file)

Komurjishvili O., Davitashvili T., Gunava G.  On Numerical Schemes of the Nonlinear Parabolic Type Equation Describing Fluid Filtration in Soil. (pdf file)

Zarnadze D., Ugulava D. On the Application of Ritz's Extended  Method for Some III-posed Problems. (pdf file)

Zirakashvili N.  Numerical Solutions of some Boundary-Value Problems of Theory of Elasticity by Boundary Element Method. (pdf file)

Zirakishvili N., Janjgava R., Mosia M., Narmania M. An Application of the Boundary Elements Method for Solving of the Boundary Value Problems for Binary Mixtures. (pdf file)


Section of Complex Analysis and its Applications. (pdf file)

Chokoraia D., Karchava P., Menteshashvili M. On Numerical Solution of the Boundary Value Problem for Uniform Equilibrium Equations for Non-shallow Spherical Shells. (pdf file)

Gulua B.  I.Vekua Approximation N=1 for the Non-shallow Cylindrical Shells. (pdf file)

Khatiashvili N.  On the Cauchy Integrals Taken Over the Infinite Line. (pdf file)

Shulaia D., Gurckaia P.  The Green's Function of the Infinity Boundary Value Problem for the Equation of the Radiation Transport Theory. (pdf file)