The Second International Conference on
"Application of Mathematics and Informatics in Natural Sciences and Engineering"
Dedicated to the Centenary of Andro Bitsadze

I.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

21-23 September, 2016


First Call


The program of the conference is available now.

Contributed Talks

Marguba Akbarova, Nonlocal Problem with Discontinous Bonding Conditions for Linear Parabolic Equations of Mixed Type
Surayyo Akbarova, A Boundary Value Problem for an Equation of Mixed Elliptic-Parabolic Type with Two Inner Degeneration Lines
Holm Altenbach, Continuum Mechanics - Basics and New Applications
Anatoly Attaev, Problem with Inner-Boundary Shift for String Equation
Lamara Bitsadze, The Dirichlet BVP for a Sphere with Triple Porosity
Tengiz Buchukuri, Roland Duduchava, George Tephnadze, Laplace-Beltrami Equation on Hypersurfaces and Γ-convergence
Khatuna Chargazia, S. Sauri, Oleg Kharshiladze, Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Gravity Waves Features Using Meteo Radar Observation of Atmosphere
Giorgi Geladze, Numerical Modeling of Some Mesometeorological Processes of the Atmosphere
Levan Giorgashvili, Shota Zazashvili, Boundary Value Problems of Thermoelastic Bodies with Microstructure and Microtemperatures
Roland Etienne, A Matrix Laplacian for Fractal Strings: Generalised Trigonometric Functions as Limits of Recurrence Relations II (The video the talk is available now.)
Muvasharkhana Jenaliyev, Minzili Kosmakova, Murat Ramazanov, On a Singular Integral Equation of the Heat Conductivity Theory in Infinite Degenerating Domain
Tynysbek Kalmenov, Gaukhar Arepova, The Boundary Conditions of Bitsadze-Samarskiy for Elliptic-Parabolic Potential
Shakhobiddin Karimov, About One Method of Solution to the Cauchy Problem for a Singular Poly-Parabolic Equation
Alexander Kharazishvili, On simple polyhedrons and associated triangulations
Marina Kharazishvili, An Application of Graphing Calculators in the Physics Studying Process
Sergo Kharibegashvili, Life and Scientific Activities of Academician Andria Bitsadze
Nino Khatiashvili, On One Nonlinear Elliptic Equation
B.A. Khudayarov, O. Kucharov, Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equations with Heredity Singular Kernels
Zurab Kiguradze, Temur Jangveladze, Stabilization of Solution and Discrete Analogs for One Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equation Based on Maxwell System
Omari Kikvidze, Investigation of Technological Processes by Partial Differential Equations
Omari Kikvidze, Gerontiy Sakhvadze, Modeling of Head-on Collision Between Stress Waves Induced in Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Plate by Two Sided Laser Shock Processing
Vakhtang Kokilashvili, Grand Function Spaces and Boundary Value Problems
Nurgul Orumbayeva, Sagyndyk Iskakov, On a Method of Finding a Solution of Semi-Periodic Boundary Value Problem for Hyperbolic Equations
Gogi Pantsulaia, Givi Giorgadze, On a Linear Partial Differential Equation of the Higher Order in Two Variables with Initial Condition whose Coefficients are Real-Valued Simple Functions
Archil Papukashvili, The Numerical Solution of a Two-Point Boundary Value Problem with a Non-Constant Coefficient by Means of Operator Interpolation Method
Jemal Peradze, Givi Berikelashvili, Approximate Solution of a Nonlinear Beam Equation
Konstantine Pkhakadze, Merab Chikvinidze, George Chichua, David Kurtskhalia, The First Trial Versions of the Automatically Systems of Generating and Testing of the Solving Skills of the Georgian Logical Tasks and Analogies with Voice-Managed Tools
Arsen Pskhu, Boundary Value Problem for Fractional Diffusion-Wave Equation in Noncylindrical Domain
Zviad Tsiklauri, Approximate Solution of a Nonlinear Integro-Differential Beam Equation
Tamaz Vashakmadze, To the Refined Theories for Thin-Walled Structures
Valery Volchkov, Vitaly Volchkov, Zero Sets of Solutions of the Darboux Equation on Hyperbolic Plane
Natela Zirakashvili, Exact Solution of Exterior Boundary Value Problems of Elasticity in Parabolic Coordinate System

List of Participants

Akbarova Marguba (Uzbekistan)
Akbarova Surayyo (Uzbekistan)
Altenbach Holm (Germany)
Antidze Jemal (Georgia)
Arepova Gaukhar (Kazakhstan)
Attaev Anatoly (Russia)
Avazashvili Nikoloz (Georgia)
Berikelashvili Givi (Georgia)
Bitsadze Lamara (Georgia)
Buchukuri Tengiz (Georgia)
Chargazia Khatuna (Georgia)
Chichua George (Georgia)
Chinchaladze Natalia (Georgia)
Chikvinidze Merab (Georgia)
Duduchava Roland (Georgia)
Dundua Besik (Georgia)
Etienne Roland Jean (Germany)
Gabelaia Miranda (Georgia)
Geladze Giorgi (Georgia)
Giorgashvili Levani (Georgia)
Iskakov Sagyndyk (Kazakhstan)
Jaiani George (Georgia)
Jenaliyev Muvasharkhana (Kazakhstan)
Jangveladze Temuri (Georgia)
Kalmenov Tynysbek (Kazakhstan)
Karimov Shakhobiddin T. (Uzbekistan)
Kharazishvili Alexander (Georgia)
Kharazishvili Marina (Georgia)
Khudayarov B. A. (Uzbekistan)
Kiguradze Zurab (Georgia)
Kikvidze Omari (Georgia)
Kokilashvili Vakhtang (Georgia)
Kosmakova Minzili (Kazakhstan)
Kucharov O. (Uzbekistan)
Kurtskhalia David (Georgia)
Orumbayeva Nurgul (Kazakhstan)
Papukashvili Archil (Georgia)
Peradze Jemal (Georgia)
Pkhakadze Konstantine (Georgia)
Pskhu Arsen (Russia)
Ramazanov Murat (Kazakhstan)
Rukhaia Mikheil (Georgia)
Tephnadze George (Georgia)
Vashakmadze Tamaz (Georgia)
Volchkov Valery (Ukraine)
Zazashvili Shota (Georgia)
Zirakashvili Natela (Georgia)

Organizing Committee

George Jaiani (Chairman)
Nikoloz Avazashvili (Vice-Chair)
Natalia Chinchaladze (Vice-Chair)
Temur Jangveladze (Vice-Chair)
Zurab Kiguradze (Scientific Secretary)
Besik Dundua
Miranda Gabelaia
Bakur Gulua
Omar Kikvidze
Mikheil Rukhaia

Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics