Opening Talk

George Jaiani, Temur Jangveladze, Life and Activities of David Gordeziani

Contributed Talks

Ramaz Botchorishvili, Modeling Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem with Time Dependent Equations
Roland Duduchava, Laplace-Beltrami Equation on Hypersurfaces and Γ-Convergence
Alemdar Hasanov, Lipschitz Continuity of the Fréchet Gradient in an Inverse Coefficient Problem for a Parabolic Equation with Dirichlet Measured Output
Vladimir Gool'dshtein, On the First Eigenvalue of Free Vibrating Membrane (of Neumann-Laplace Operator)
Vakhtang Kokilashvili, New trends in function spaces theory and applications to the BVPs
David Natroshvili, Application of BDIE Method in the Theory of Acoustic Scattering by Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Obstacles
Wolfgang Schulze, Corner Calculus for Higher Singularities
Tengiz Meunargia, On I. Vekua’s Method of the Consistent Theory of Elastic Shells
Tamaz Vashakmadze, To the Investigation of Two Problems
Giorgi Arabidze, Transfer of Generalized Groupoid Action along a Morita Equivalence
Nino Bukuri, Adaptive Multischeme Refinement in Two Space Dimensions
Temur Chilachava, Investigation of a Nonlinear Dynamical System Describing the Process of Linguistic Globalization
Hendrik Elbern, Optimal Observation Network Asessment for Controlling High Dimensional Advection- Diffusion-Reaction Equations
Roland Etienne, The One-Dimensional Modified Weyl-Berry Conjecture: An Elementary Approach
Tamar Janelidze, Adjoint Development for Linear Advection Schemes in ICON Model of the German Weather Service
Abdul Hakim Khan, A Study of Algebraic Structure Involving Banach Space through q-Analogue
Revaz Kakubava, An Alternative Transient Analysis for Closed Semi-Markov Queuing Systems
Zurab Kiguradze, Asymptotic Properties of Solution and Difference Scheme for One Nonlinear Integro-Differential Model
Gela Kipiani, Calculation of Plates and Shells with Ribs Rigidity by the Finite Element Method
Vladimer Odisharia, About the Mathematical Model of Drug Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Nana Odishelidze, On One Cyclically - Symmetric Problem of Plate Bending with Partially Unknown Boundary
Archil Papukashvili, On an Approximate Solution of Anti–Plane Problem of Composite Bodies Weakened by Crack
Jemal Peradze, A Nonlinear Equation for the Rectangular Dynamical Shell
Konstantine Pkhakadze, The Trial Version of the Georgian Universal Smart Corpus, the Aims of defense of Georgian and Abkhazian Languages from the Danger of Digital Extinction, and the Law of Georgia ”On Official Language”
Jemal Rogava, Parallel Type of Decomposition Scheme for Quasi-Linear Abstract Hyperbolic Equation
Hanno Scharr, Multi-Orientation Diffusion Schemes for Image Reconstruction
Piotr Skrzypacz, On Nonlinear MEMS Statics and Dynamics

Poster Presentation

Ali Bakhshian, Facility Location for new Stone Crusher in Sarcheshmeh Copper mine with AHP and TOSIS methods