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1995 Dr.Hab. in Theoretical Basis of Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods, Program

Complexes, Tbilisi State University. Thesis: ”Numerical Methods that Converge in Minimal

Apriori Estimates for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws”, Certified Tbilisi, 1995.

1989 Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics, Muschelishvili Institute of Computational Mathematics

Academy of Sciences of Georgia, 1989. Thesis: Application of Flux Vector Splitting to

2-Dimensional Gas Dynamic Equations. Certified, Moscow 1989.

1983 (MS), Faculty of Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics, Tbilisi State University, Diploma

in Mathematics.


1983 ! Tbilisi State University , Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics, Department of Numerical

Analysis. Career details: programmer, junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher,

head of the department - current position, part time.

1989 ! Tbilisi State University, Faculty for Mechanics and Mathematics, Department of Informatics

and Computational Mathematics. Career details: programmer, associate professor, full

professor - current position, part time.

1997/12-1999/04 Branch Center of Training Center of The Ministry of Social Welfare. Position:

head of the Branch Center.

1999/04-2000/03 INRIA-Roquencourt, visiting researcher.

2001/02/-2001/08 Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), Laboratoire Jaques-Louis Lions,

visiting professor.

2002/01 ! Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing, researcher.


First Prize of Georgian Mathematical Union, 1994.

Fellowship of President of Georgia, 1998.

NATO Fellowship, 1999.

R.Botchorishvili 2

Current research interests

Finite volume schemes for conservation laws.

Focus: equilibrium schemes with exact maintenance of specific equilibrium states.

Status: in progress

Numerical schemes for PDEs on sphere.

Focus: locally one dimensional implicit schemes for icosahedral hexagonal mesh, application

for data assimilation.

Status: in progress

Generic finite volume code for simulation engineering.

Focus: template programming, implementation and testing of different concepts, modules

of the code.

Status: in progress

Numerical modelling in medicine

Focus: i)tissue growth, ii)hemodynamics,thrombus.

Status: preliminary, preparatory works.


Scientific secretary, Reports of Enlarged Sessions of Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics,

section of Computational Mathematics, 1995 - 2000.

Managing editor, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, 1996 - 2001.

Editor, Proceedings of Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics, 1998.

Member of Editorial Council of VIAM, 1997 ! .


C++, C, Fortran, MPI, mixing C++ and Fortran

Languages ability

Georgian(native), Russian, English, French, German.

Publications, last 3 years

H.Elbern, F.Baier, M.Bittner,R.Botchorishvili et al., SACADA, a new chemical data assimilation

system for earth observation, (in press)

H.Elbern, J.Schwinger, R.Botchorishvili, A new 4-dimensional variational data assimilation

system applied to ENVISAT MIPAS observations, Proceedings of the ENVISAT symposium,

Salzburg, 2004 (in press)

R.Botchorishvili,O.Pironneau, Finite volume schemes with equilibrium type discretization of

source terms for scalar conservation laws in several space dimensions, J.Comput.Phys. 187,(2003)

391-427 .

R.Botchorishvili 3

R.Botchorishvili, B.Perthame and A.Vasseur, Equilibrium schemes for scalar conservation laws

with stiff sources, Math. Comput. 72,(2003) 131-157 .

R.Botchorishvili,H.Elbern,W.Joppich, Numerical and scientific computing aspects for environmental

modelling. Proceedings of the 6th ISTC scientific advisory committee seminar on on

science and computing, Moscow, Russia, 15-17 September 2003.

R.Botchorishvili, Equilibrium type schemes for multidimensional in space scalar conservation

laws with source term, Appl. Math. Inform. 6, No.2,(2002) 1-34.

R.Botchorishvili, Implicit kinetic schemes for scalar conservation laws, Numer. Meth. Part.

Diff. Equat., 18(1),(2002) 26-43.

R.Botchorishvili,W.Joppich,H.-G.Reschke, Numerical and technical aspects of climate simulation

and analysis of satellite data, Proceedings of the ISPM School and Workshop on ”Mathematical

Modelling and Management of Environmental Changes in Transitional Economies”,

Tbilisi,Georgia, September 16-21, 2002.