Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 8, # 3, 1993


This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 21-23, 1993 at the section of Numerical Unalysis of enlarged session of the seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.



Chairman of section

D. Gordeziani

Edited by

E. Evseev




Aburhania G., Machabeli G. Parametrical Stimulation of Electomagnetic Filds With Acoustic Waves in Ionosphere Before Earthquake.

Bukhnikashvili I. Optimal Itteration Sheme for the Approximately Solutions of Incompatbler Lineare System.

Gordeziani D. On a Dimensional Reducation Method for Some Linear Problems of Elastic Mixtures

D. G. Gordeziani D.G. On Nonlocal in Time Problems for Navier-Stokes Equations

Gordeziani D., Gordeziani N. On The Application of Decompositional Method to the Solution of Initial-Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations with Mixed Derivatives

Gubelidze G., Devdariani R. On a Numerical Algorithm for Disclosing the Location of Large-Scale Accidental Gas Escape from the Complicated Gas Main

Gvaramadze M., Kankia M., Peradze R. Model of Lightening of Artificial Formation of Spherycal Shepe in Upper Atmospgerical C6onditions.

Davitashvili T.D. On the Convergence of Kinetic-Coordinated Difference Scheme of Gas Dynamics

Davitashvili T., Sckhirtladze N. The Iterative Method for Solving of the Piston Problem for Heat-Conducting Gas with Sources

Davitashvili T. P. On one Mathematical Model of Soil in Atmosphere.

Davitashvili T. P. Numerical Model of Transfering Radioactive Subsances in Mountainous Region.

Iremadze N. On a Difference Scheme for Charney Regularized Equation

Kalandarishvili N. On the Formal Systems for Lenguages Equivalence Transformations ( LET).

Kaladze T., Kandelaki M., Tsamalashvili L., Shalamberidze L., Shapakidze D., Bigvava Z., Khelaia I. Instability of Electric Waves in the Hunderstorm Cloud

Meladze G., Jgamadze N. Convergence of Difference Scheme for Two-Dimensional Gas Dynamic Equations

Meladze G., Jgamadze N. On Some Mathematical Models for Investigation of Wave Generation In Reservoirs

Natsvlishvili Z., Sanikidze D. On Some Approximate Processes for Cauchy Type Singular Integrals with Weight Functions

Nikolaishvili Sh., Peradze R. On Calculation of Photon Fields Inside of Non-Homogeneous Cylindrical Body Which is Explosured With Plane Stream of Sun Light.

Papukashvili A. Algorithms and Numerical Realizations for Approximate Solution of Some Linear Boundary Problems

Peradze J. On the Existense of Solution and Convergence of Approximately Methods for One-Dimentional Timoschenco’s Systems.

Pkhakadze K. Propositional I-Algebra and a Strongly Fictitious Variable in Propositional Algebra

Jangveladze T., Tagvarelia T. The Difference Scheme of the Type of Variable Directions for one System of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Arising in Biology

Jashiashvili G., Nikolaishvili Sh. Calculation of Gamma-Explosure’s Distribution Inside the Plane Fibres of Big Thickness.

Jibuti M., Mosashvili N., Veliashvili N. One PC Realisation of Some Problems of Optimal Control

Jibuti M., Revishvili Sh., Mgeladze G. Informatical Networcs Based on Telegraphical Commutaed Channels.

Dzhishkariani A. On the Method of Finite Elements