Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics


Volume 8, # 2, 1993



This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 23-27, 1992 at the section of eformable riging bodies of enlarged session of the seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.


Chairman of seminar

Basheleishvili M.

Edited by

Gabeskiria Ts.





Abesadze T. Construction of the Fundamental Solution of Basic Static Differential Equations on an Exponential Non-Homogeneous Isotropic Thermoelastic Disk.


Arsenishvili G., Natroshvili D. Interface Problem of the Theory of Elastic Mixtures.


Basheleishvili M. On One Plane Problem of an Anisotropic Elastic Body .


Basheleishvili M. , Zazashvili Sh. A Generalased Plane Mixed Boundary Value Problem for an Anisotropic Elastic Body .


Bitsadze L. The Caushy-Riemann Generalised Conditions in Two-Dimentional Theory of Electroelasticity.


Burchuladze T. Generalised Model of Lord-Shulman in the Mathematical Theory of Thermodiffusion.


Burchuladze T., Bejuashvili Ju. The Solution of Basic Plane Dynamic Problem of the Theory of Thermal Diffusion With Mixed Boundary Value Conditions.


Burchuladze T., Gelashvili D. Efficient Solutions of Contact Problems of Dynamics Generalised Couple-Stress Thermoelasticity for Inhomogeneous Half-Space.


Chalidze A., Japaridze D. Construction of Fundamental Solution of Basic Static Differential Equations of an Exponential Non-Homogeneous Isotropic Elastic Ellipsoid of rotation.


Dobordjginidze L. On One Mathematical Model of Two-Dimensional Non-Linear Elasticity.


Giorgashvili L. On One Variant of Static Homogeneous Equations Solutions of the Theory of Elasticity


Gogia A., Nebieridze M. Computing of a Cylindrical Shell by I.Vekua Refined Theory.


Khatiashvili G. Concentrated Force Varying Along the Axis.


Khomasouridze N., Siradze Z. On One Elastic Equilibrium Boundary Value Problem of a Continuously Non-Homogeneous Orthotropic Parallelepiped.


Methugova M., Methugov V. Slanting Bend by Forces of Cylindric Bars Composed of Various Elastic Anisotropic Materials.


Meunargia T. On the Problems of Stress Concentration for Non-Shallow Spherical Shells.


Natroshvili D., Sigua I. Interface Problems of the Theory of Thermoelasticity for Anisotropic Bodies.


Sadunishvili G. An Elastic Sphere (Ball) in the Acoustics field.


Shavlakadze N. Investigation of One Type Integral-Differential Equations and Contact Problems of the Theory of Elasticity Connected With Them.


Svanadze M. The Asymptotic Distribution of Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of the Oscillation Problems of the Elastic Mixture Linear Theory.


Toradze D., Tsagareli I. Dynamic Problems of Termomagnetic elasticity for the Circle With a Real Electric Conductivity.


Tsagareli I. The Solution of Problems of General Dynamics Elastic Thermal Diffusion for a Circle.


Tsitskishvili A. The Flow With a Segment Stream Separation With a Wedge at the End.


Tvalchrelidze A., Aminashvili V. Spherical Shell With Radial Cuts.


Vashakmadze T., Vashakmadze T. On Homogeniety of Vekua Theory of Plates and Shells for Anisotropic Non-Homogeneous Mediums.


Zivzivadze R. The Solution of Elastic Equilibrium of Isotropic Cylindrical Bar With the Action of Temperature.