Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 8, # 1, 1993



This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 21-23, 1993 at the section of Partial Differential Equations of enlarged session of the seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.



Chairman of seminar

L. Magnaradze

Edited by

T. Jangveladze




Babilodze J. Boundary Value Problem for One Loaded Hyperbolic Equation of the Second Order

Bitsadze R. On One Version of Initial-Characteristic Darboux Problem for One Equation of Nonlinear Oscillation

Bochorishvili R. A Quasikinetic Formulation of Systems of Conservation Laws

Devdariani G. On One Second-Order Ellirtic Equation with Singular Coefficients

Gagnidze A. Asymptotics of Solutions of Boundary Value Problems for Parabolic Equations with Coefficients Having "Weak" Concentrated Perturbation

Gugulashvili Y. About the Uniqueness of the Solutions of Cauchy Problem for Some Differential Equation of the Fourth Order with Increasing Coefficients

Gugushvili E., Shulaia D. Inverse Problem of Multigroup Theory of Neutron Transport

Gugushvili E., Shulaia D. Inverse Pronlem of Radiative Transfer

Iremadse N., Jangveladse T. On Riquier Boundary Value Problem for Charney Regularized Equation

Jagmaidze Z. On the Characteristic Problem for Linear Hyperbolic Systems of Higher Order in the Sobolev Spaces with the Weight

Jaiani G. An Examrly of Non-Unique Solvability Of Fichera in the Classical Sense

Jangveladze T. Apriori Estimations for one Nonlinear Integro-Differential Parabolic Problem

Jokhadze O. On the Cauchy and Goursat Problems on the Composite Curves for the Generalized Mangeron Equation\dotfill

Kharibegashvili S. On a Problem of the Darboux Type for Second Order Hyperbolic Equation

Maisuradze M. About Uniqueness of the Solution of Second Order Parabolic Equations with Growing Coefficients

Makharadze T. On the Solvability of a Problem of Darboux Type for the Second Order Hyperbolic Equation in the Case of Tangency of Data of the Problem

Menteshashviti M. Initial And Inverse Cauchy Problems for Dubreil-Jacotin Hyperbolik Equation with Data on the Closed Contour

Usanetashvili M. Boundary Value Problem for the Hyperbolic Equation Degenerating Inside the Domain