Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 7, # 3, 1992





Akubardia M. Continuity and differentiability of solutions of neutral type differential equation respect to initial data.

Amer K.A., Kostin A.V. Asimptotic of solutions of linear homogeneous differential equation with the small parameter respect to senior derevative with the slowly varying coefficient.

Ashordia M. On the unique solvability and correctness of boundary value problems for systems of generalized ordinary differential equations.

Astashova I.V. On existence of solution with the given determinate domain for the third order differential equation.

Bitsadze D.G. On stability of set of solutions Volterra type operator equations.

Brykalov S.A. A second order problem with nonlinear integral terms in boundary conditions.

Cherkas L.A. Bifurkation of limited cycle of quadric system in the case of one saddle and three anti-saddle.

Chichua D.I. On correct Knezer’s solutions of Emden-Fouler differential equations with outstrip argument.

Jgarkava D.T. On the conditions of optimization for some operated objects described by equations with measure.

Evtukhov V.M. On the subject of asymptotics of monotone solutions of one differential equation of Emden-Fouler type.

Evtukhov V.M., Drik N.G. Asymptotic representations of solutions of one non-linear second order differential equation.

Gaprindashvili G.D. On solvability conditions of the Dirichlet boundary value problem for second order ordinary nonlinear vector differential equations with singlarities.

Gegelia G.T. On bounded solutions of nonlinear differential systems.

Giorgadze G.P.On behavior of solutions of systems of ordinary different equations with declined argument.

Kiguradze I.T., Tskhovrebadze G.D. On some singular boundary value problems for systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations.

Koplatadze R. On monotone and oscillatory solutions of high order retarded ordinary differential equations.

Kvinikadze G.G. On positive proper solutions of nonlinear systems of ordinary differential equations.

Lomadze N.D. Jgarkava D.T. On some two variable functional spaces in problems of Optimal Control Theory.

Lomtatidze A. On some boundaary value problems for two-dimensional differential systems.

Magnaradze L.G. On generalization of Karateodori conditions. On solvability of Cauchy’s problem for ordinary differential equations.

Mirzov D.D. On some conditions of oscilations of solutions of one system of Emden-Fauler type.

Nikonenko V.V. On asymptotic representation of solutions of kvazilinear ordinary second order differential equations.

Paatashvili D.V. On Sturms type comparability theorems for linear second order differential equations with declined argument.

Rozov N.X. Chaos in relaxation avtooscillation systems.

Samkova G.V. On solvability and asymptotical behavior of solutions of some semi-evident differential equations.

Shaliakho Ch.A. Nonoscillation of solutions of Emden-Fauler type equation.

Tsitskishvili R.A. On solvability of boundary value problems for systems of non-linear functional-differential equations.

Vlasov V.V. On one class of differential-difference equations in Hilbert spaces and corresponding operators band.

Zernov A.E. Asimptotics of solutions of some singular problems.