Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 7, # 2, 1992





Gajiev A.D., Pliev I.A. On Fourier -Bessel pseudo differential operators.

Gaposhkin V.F. Block orthogonal and block-independent systems.

Genebashvili I.Z. Weighted reverse inequalities for maximal functions.

Gogatishvili A.S. General weak-type inequalities for the maximal operators, defined in spaces of the homogeneous type.

Gogoladze L.D. On the convergence of multiple functional series.

Gogoladze L.D. On the restoration of coefficients of convergent multiple functional series.

Grigorian M.G. On some properties of orthogonal systems.

Gunia N.G. The problem of generalization of one integral of N.I.Lobachevski and integral representation of a conjugate almost periodic function.

Dzagnidze O.P. On the differentiability of functions of two variables and of the Lebesque integral.

Djachenko M.I. Some estimates for norms of multiple trigonometric polynomials with monotone coefficients.

Kokilashvili V.M. Criteria of two-weighted inequalities for generalized fractional maximal functions and integrals.

Kuznetsova O.I. Strong summability with gaps of multiple Fourier series.

Magnaradze L.G. Singular integrals of Bochner and Peltis and their application to the probability theory.

Otirba D.Z. On the transposition of Haar systems.

Rodin V.A. Spectral oscillation of the partial sum sequence of multiple Fourier series.

Rustamov Kh.P. An approach to fractional powers of the Beltrami-Laplace operators on the sphere by finite differences.

Tkebuchava G.E. On some properties of conjugate functions, Hilbert transform, spherical Riesz means of functions of several variables.

Ugulava D.K. On some spherical means of multiple Fourier integrals.

Epremidze L.N. A new proof for a theorem of Atkinson.

Yanakov G.S. Multipliess of uniform convergence.