Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 7, # 1, 1992





Aptsiauri K. On one integral representation of Smirnov class analytic functions.

Avazashvili N. On equivalent regularization of singular integral equation.

Chikvinidze L. Local approximation of analytik functions and there derivatives in integral metrics in domains with quasiconformat boundary.

Doborjginidze L. Some contact problems of two dimensional theory of elasticity.

Ebanoidze T. On a general nonlinear integral equation with finite number of fixe singularities.

Isakhanov R. Generalized boundary value problem of Karleman.

Khimshiashvili G. Boundary value problems and operator algebras.

Magnaradze L. The new classes of generalized polyanalytic and polyharmonic functions.

Makatsaria G. On a class of degenerate ellipticsystems in theplane.

Manjavidze G. On some boundary value problems of Noether type.

Manjavidze N. Differential boundary value problem on cut plane.

Obolashvili E. Some nonlocal problems for generalized analytic functions.

Paatashvili V., Khuskivadze G. On the Dirichlet problem for harmonic functions in domains with piecewise smooth boundary.

Puladze E. On one problem of elasticity theory with partialy unknown boundary.

Samkharadze I. On mapping of similar simply connected domains.

Shavlakadze N. Effective solution of one mixed problem of plate bending.

Shindzikashvili O. On one problem of interaction of nonhoogeneous half plane ana a stringer.

Tsitskishvili A. On filtration problem for system of chanals.

Zhorzholiani G. On one inverse problem of elasticity theory for an orthotropic body.