Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics


Volume 6, # 2, 1991





Abaisvili V.V. Investigation dynamicís problems for some electromechanic system.


Abesadze T.P. The basic boundary value problems for the exponential non-homogeneous isotropic thermoelectric curcle.


Abramian b.I., Torosian N.C. Nonsymmetric problem about deformation elastic weight cylinder witl finite length and with fixed end-wall under operation of eigem weight.


Bagaturia G.G. The nonstationary problem of propagation crack in the infinite elastic composite band.


Basheleishvili M.O. About generalized boundary value problem of linear conjugate for the static equation of anisotropic elastic body.


Bermus I.M., Bershtein L.A., Proshkin C.G. Srubshic L.C., Stoliar A.M. The ropeís oscillation in the liqued with concentrated mass on the endpoints.


Bermas i.M. Spubshic I.C., Li Sia ........... .............................................


Bitsadze L. The boundary value problems of the planar theory electroelasticity.


Bolgradscaia I.A., Nesterov O.Yu., Savchenko A.Ia............................


Burchuladze T.V. About nonstationary contact problems of the generalized theory of elastothermodiffusion.


Burchuladze T.V., Bezhuashvili I.A. Two-dimensional problems of thermodiffusion with mixed boundary conditions.


Valishvili N.V...................


Vashakmadze T.S. Some mathematical problems of the magnetopiezoelasticity.


Veriuzhki I.V. Numerical analytical method of potential in the space problems of pivotal approximation of continual body.


Giorgashvili L.G. The uniqueness theorem for exterior boundary value problems of stationary oscillation of the theory elasticity.


Gogia A.A. About application high approximation by theory of I.N.Vekua for calculation plates with variable thickness.


Grigorenko I.M. Vasilenko A.T. About one approach to solution of statical problems for nonhomegeneous anisotropic body of cylindrical form.


Giutner A.F.The approximate equations thermoelasticity and following from that relation of the theory of shells.


Jagmaidze A.I. Contact problems in the theory of mixture.


Japaridze D.A. The boundary value problems for the exponential non-homogeneous eliptic disk.


Doborjginidze L.G. The limit equilibrium of nonlinear plane with crack.


Iliukhin A.A.Shchepin N.N. The elastic waves on the sphere and in the ball.


Kakhiani O.N. Axially symetric ringís stress on the transversally isotropic half-space.


Khutateladze G.A. Riemann-Hilbert problem for the circle with cut.


Magnaradze L.G. The two-dimensional problems for multiply connecded non-homogeneous isotropic elastic body.


Meladze R.V. The solutions of the contact boundary value problems of stationary oscillation of moment theory for the spherical layer.


Meunargia T.V. Nonslanting spherical shells.


Mzhavanadze Sh.V. The solution some semiconverse problems of two-dimernsional theory elasticity for the infinite doubly-connected domain.


Papukashvili A.P. The approximate solution of some boundary value problems by means of an operator-interpolational method.


Natroshvili D.G. Nonclassical contact problems for the anisotropic body.


Peshkhoev U.M., Spybshchik L.C. Asymptotic integration nonlinear equations of equilibrium long rectangular plate under the longitudional pressing.


Rukhadze A.K., Zviadadze R.T. The bending problem with transverse force naturally twisted homogeneous anisotropic rods.


Saginadze I.C. About one method of defination frequency of ......... with concentrated densitys.


Svanadze K.N. Initial boundary value problem of dynamic moment theory elasticity for anisotropic band.


Svanadze M.Zh. The solution dinamicís problems linear theory of two-component elastic mixtures.


Tvalchrelidze A.K., Amonashvili V.Z. Linear variant of the theory shells having used some base surface.


Tonoyan V.S., Minasyan A.F. The contact problem for nonhomogeneous elastic half-plane in the presence of coupling.


Khai M.I. About the solutions three-dimensional problems of the theory elasticity for the solids with planar cracks, lying in the field shifter a exterior loadings.


Khomasuridze N.G., Zirakishvili N.G. Elastic equilibrium of hollow elitical cylinder and thear frequencys.


Tsagareli I.I. The solution some dynamic problems magnetothermoelasticity for circle.


Tsiskarishvili G.V. Axially symmetric state of stress of pointed cylindrical shell.


Calidze A.K. Basic boundary value problems for exponential non-homogeneous elastic elipsoidal torus.


Chichinadze R.K. About boundary calue problems for the equations Navier-Stokes in case of domain with spherical boundary.