Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 6, # 1, 1991



This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 23-26, 1990 at the section of Partial Differential Equations of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.



Chairman of seminar

L. Magnaradze

Edited by

T. Jangveladze




Avazashvili N. On One Singular Integral Equation.

Bitsadze R. On the Global Solvability of Caoushi Problemís for the One Class of Non-Linear Oscillation Equations.

Vasadze A. On the Boundary Value Problem of Vekua Theory Of Covers With The Ereditarity.

Devdariani G. On a Spectral Problem for One Degenerated Differential Equation of Forth Order.

Jaiani G. On the General Holmgren Problem for the Equation y∆ u+buy=0 ††in the Half-Circle

Jangveladze T. On the Investigation and Numerical Solution of Some Systems of Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations.

Evlahov N., Chistiakov V. On One System of Non-Linear EquationsConnected with Semiconductor Theory.

Jura N. Non-Local Boundary Value Problems for the Elliptical Systems.of Bitsadze-Samarski Type.

Ilashvili T., Shulaia D. On One Boundary Value For the Light Dispertion Equaton.

Kalashnikov A. On the Conditions of Inner Limitation of the Components of the Solutions of the Semi-Parabolic Systems With the Growing Boundary Conditions.


Kojanov A . On the Boundary Value Problems for Some Third-Order Equations of a "Variable" Tape.

Magnaradze L. On One Elliptic System of Partial Differential Equations.

Odisharia V. On a Local Solution of One Equation and itís application .

Rutcauscas S. On a Correctness of Problems of Dirichletís Type for the Elliptic Equation System With Strong Singularity.

Soldatov A. On Diriclet Problem for an Elliptic System in the Piecewise Domain.

Sohadze R. On Dirichlet Problem for the Mixed Type Equation With the Weight Condition Across the Hyperbolic Degeneration.

Tavkhelidze I. Uniqueness Theorem for the Riquier Problem Solution for the Biharmonic Equation in the Half-Spaces.

Terentiev A. On the Fundamental Solution of Boundary Riyman-Hylbertís Boundary Value Problem in the Strip.

Kharibegashvili S. On the Solvability of One Characteristic Problem for the Second Order Normally Hyperbolic Systems With a Orderís Degeneration.

Chelkak S. On the Weak Singularity of Solution of Kvasilinear Elliptic Systems.

Ebanoidze T. On a General Class of Non-Linear Integral Equations With the Ficsed Singularity.

Ianushauscas A . On the Generalisation of the Multi-Dimentional Analogous of A.Bitsadzeís System.