Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 5, # 2, 1990


This Volume is Dedicated to prof. Z.Chanturia’s Memory.


This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 23-25, 1990 at the section of Theory of Functions Differential Equations of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.



Chairman of seminar

L. Magnaradze

Edited by

L. Gogoladze




Ambroladze M. On the Continuous Weight , ortogonal polinoms are unbounded

Amer M. On the Nerlund’s Summability of Trigonometrical Furie Series in the Some Functional Spaces.

Andrienko V. Approximation of Negative Order of Multiple Ortogonal Series by Rits’s Means.

Babaev M-B. Approximation of Product of Functions Smaller-Dimension by Sums.

Balashova G. On the imbeddings Theorems of Infinit Order Sobolev Spaces.

Baskakov V. On the Linear Approximation of Periodic Continuous and Conjugete Functions.

Bochkariov S. Permutations of Periodic Multiple Ortogonal Series.

Gadjiev A., Aliev N. B-Parabolic Potentionals : Deffinitions, Propertys and Formuls of Inversions.

Gadjieva E. Inversions Weight’s Spaces of Nikolski-Besov.

Gaposhkin V. On the Summability of Functional Sequences With Chezaro’s Methods.

Gogatishvili A. Rits’s Transformation and Maximal Functions in Mory-Kampanato Type Spaces and in Weight Zigmound’s Spaces.

Gogladze L., Pilauri N. On the Approximatical Propertys of Angular Mean of Chezaro.

Davidov O. On One P.Butcer and V.Dicmeis’s Problem .

Dzagnidze O. A- Summability Furie-Laplace’s Series,

Diachenko M. On the Convergence of Furie’s Series of Monotone Multy-Dimension Functions.

Zarnadze D. Remark On the Gomomorphizm’s Theorem .

Kazarian K., Ulianov P. Aleksich’s Problem On the Divergent of Furie’s Ortogonal Series.

Kvernadze. G. On the Convergence of Furie-Iakobi’s Series.

Koniagin S. On the Convergence of Subsequence of Ortogonal Particular Summs of Double Trigonometrical Furie’s Series Almost Everywhere.

Lim Kho. On the Absolut Convergence of Furie-Chislenko’s Series.

Magnaradze L. On the Integral Furie Transformation With Non-Summable Weight.

Meskhia R. On the Sequences of convergences.

Ovsepian R. Uniqueness Theorems for the Centered Functions Systems.

Pavliashvili G. On the Deviation’s Estimate

Pachulia N. On the Stronge Summability of Furie’s Series With Variable Order.

Rodin V. Totic’s Hipothes for the Kreston and Uolsh’s Systems.

Stokolos A. On the Stronge Differentiability of Integrals of Functions in the $H_1^\omega (I^N)$.

Talalian An. On the Uolsh’s Series With Bounded Particular Summs in L1 [0,1].

Temliakov V. On the Diameter’s Estimates

Tetunashvili Sh. On the Uniqueness Theorem for Divisible Series.

Tkebuchava G. On One Bounded Ortonormal System of Functions.

Ugulava D. On the Valle-Pussen’s Problem in  Hp, 0<p<1.

Hatib M. On the One-Dimensional Fractional Integrals in $H_p^\omega$.

Ianakov G. Estimation of Deviation from Conjugate Function Some Class Singular Operators.