Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 5, # 1, 1990





Abdulaev S., Babuev A. Cauchy singular operator in spaces Hw(p).

Aleksandrov I. The Bieberbach conjecture and a problem of string oscillation.

Alekhno A. Riemann boundary value problem in the class of analytic functions with a given indicator.

Andrian A. Cauchy problem for partial differential equations in piecewise smooth domains in the class of functions of polynomial growth.

Akhmedov S. On linear quasiconformal mapping with derivative in normalization.

Bathin A. An Isomorphism theorem of C*-algebras of multidimensional convolution type operators with discrete groups of translations.

Bikchantaev I. On semi-Noether boundary value problems on surfaces with infinite genus.

Bitsadze D. On one approximation scheme for singular integrals on closed contour and some applications.

Bliev N.,Dadiomov V. The problem of conjugation for generalized analytic functions.

Vasilevski N. Convoluton operators on nilpotent Lie groups.

Gomarteli M. Semi-infinite plate with cut strengthened with stringer (?) on the boundary.

Jangibekov G. On Noetherity conditions and the index formula for one class of twodimensional singular integral operators.

Dibin V. Wiener-Hopf equation with symbol degenerating on cauntable set.

Zanguridze D., Gotoshia G. On uniform approximation of singular integrals with weight function of Jacobi.

Zelinski I. On systems of affinely invariant connected sets.

Isakhanov R. Linear boundary value problem for the solutions of first order ellipticsystems of differential equations.

Kapshivi. Boundary value problem of x-analytic functions with weight in boundary conditions.

Karapetiants N. Convolution type operators compactness.

Karelin A. On operator identity reducing equations with involutive shift to equations without shift, and its applications.

Karlovich I. Vector boundary value problem of Riemann and Hasemann with oscillating coefficients.

Kartasheva L. On solution of a problem of linear conjugation in the space Sím,n of generalized functions on a segment.

Kovaliova G., Kravchenko V., Litvinchuk G. Solution of singular integral equations with linear-fractional Carleman shift.

Kokilashvili V. Singular integrals with weak singularity. Double weight problems.

Kosheleva T. On one method of finding zeros of analytic functions with the help of conjugation problem.

Kravchenko V., Shapiro M. Hypercomplex factorization of multivariate Helmholtz operator and some applications.

Kutateladze G. Some boundary value problems theory of analytic functions in disc with cuts.

Lepski A. Uniform difference estimates of functions, holomorphic on a Banach space.

Magnaradze L. On analytic functions, repsentable by singular integral of Cauchy-Stieltjes type.

Makatsaria G. On some inequalities between trigonometric polynomials and growth indicators of entire functions.

Mamaturdiev T. On existence and uniqueness of solutionof the Carleman equation, realizing quasiconformal mapping.

Manjavidze N. On Riemann-Hilbert-Poisson problem on the plane with cuts.

Monakhov V., Verkhovod D., Semenko E. Conjugation problems for quasianalytic functions on compact Riemann surfaces.

Mukhsinov A. Multivalent solution of one generalized Cauchy-Riemann system with singular point.

Obnosov I. On one problem of Markushevich for doeble periodic systemof rectangular contours.

Paatashvili V., Khuskivadze G. Riemann-Hilbert problem indomains with nonsmooth boundaries.

Pilidi V. On uniform invertibility of regular approximations of singular integral operators with fixed singularities.

Plaksa S. On Neetherity of singular integral equations on rectifiable curves.

Radchenko T., Rogozin V. On some singular operators with analytic weight in exceptional case.

Rakhmatulaev A. About uniqueness of quasiconformal mapping on the plane, on the angle and strip.

Reissig M. The uniqueness classes for Cauchy problem in spaces of generalized analytic functions.

Sultanishvili L. On Riemann-Hilbert problem for one system of ellyptic equations.

Timofeev A. On one theorem of L.Hormander.

Tovmasyan N., Ziroyan M. On Dirichlet type problem for one class of high order nonregular ellyptic equations.

Khimshiashvili G. Problems of linear conjugation and Fredholm structures.

Tsitskishvili A. On mappings of circular polygons in linear polygons.

Shengelia E., Sheshko M. Approximate solution of singular integral equations on compound contour with the help of residues..

Iakimenko T. On numerical solution of singular integral equations of first order, containing multiple integrals with Hilbert kernels.