Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 4, # 3, 1989





Abuladze I.O., Korshia T.K. On the existence of the solution for one class of the nonlinear parobolic problems.

Abuladze I.O., Korshia T.K., Lubimov B.I. On investigaation of the stready-staate of the stationary solutions of the magnetic foeld diffusion problems.

Abuladze I.O., Korshia T.K., Lubimov B.I. On some new syayes of thermomagnetic diffusion problems.

Andtrrv V.B. The logarithm in the estimate of L¥ -convergence of the finite element method on linear triangles.

Belov I.A., Kasianuk V.S. The pareto-optimal reduction in the linear systems with accidental errors.

Belukhina I.G. On accyracy of the net approximation of problems with cracks.

Bermus I.M., Bernshtein L.A., Proshkin S.G., Srubcshik L.S., Stoliar A.M. The lengthways oscilations of the load on the steel rope of the change length.

Bermys I.M., Bernstein L.A., Srybcshik L.C., Stoliar A.M. Oscilations of cylindric covers with the onesided tie along the axle strike.

Bernstein L.A., Potetunko A.N., Proshkin S.G. The mathematical model of the movement of two joint bodies tied with the rope.

Bochorishvili R.D., Skhirtladze N.M., Ubilava M.G. On one method of the disintegration of the stream vector for the gas dynamic equation.

Veretenzec V.A., Rosliakov G.S., Mechenova V.A. The numerical investigation of the gas flow in the channels and tubes on the foundation of the equation for the potential.

Getia V.A., Gribkov V.A., Javakhishvili V.G., Korshia T.K., Lubimov B.Ia. The calculation of the plasma dynamic in the plasma focus.

Getia M.Sh., Javakhishvili V.G., Korshia T.K., Lubimov B.Ia., Konkashbaev I.N. The numerical model of the plasma dynamic in the impulse accelerater.

Gordeziani D.G. On some original conditions for the equation of parabolic type.

Gordeziani D.G., Gunava G.V., Komurjishvili O.P., Okroashvili T.G. On the solution of the boundary value problems for one system of elliptic equations.

Gurov D.B., Elizarov T.G., Chetverushkin B.N. On one approach method for the algorithm of the calculation of incompressible viscous fluid flow.

Javakhishvili V.G., Korshia T.K., Zukakishvili G.G. Numerical modeling of plasma transportation from q-punch device in the gasodynamic trap.

Evseev I.G., Shonia V.V. On the "artificial" dissipation of flow in the disintegration schem for shallow fluid equation.

Konosov G.I. The method of combination functions in problems of calculation of systems containing one-dimensional elements.

Korshia T.K., Lobjanidze G.B. On numerical solution of non-local boundary value problems.

Mashechkin I.V. The programming instrumental means of high-productiv PC.

Meladze G.V., Potskhvishvili P.V. On convergence of complete conservative double-layer scheme of gas dynamics in Euler variables.

Menabdishvili P.Z. Calculation of the cover with the concentrant of tension by finite element method.

Mestiashvili K.V. On some structural properties of non-local problems solutions.

Mestiashvili K.V. On some fast methods of solution of Bitsadze-Samarski boundary value problem in the rectangle.

Mchedlishvili N.I. On some algorithms of numerical solutions of Viner-Hopf non-elliptic discrete equation.

Rogava J.L. Estimation of the error for Chernov in the case of self-conjugative operators.

Svetlitski B.I. The model of population dynamic and its numerical solutions.

Tagvarelia T.G. Convergence of the semi-discret scheme for one system of nonlinear partial differential equations.

Chitaladze A.I. Numerical modeling of one problem of electromagnetic field diffusion in the substance.

Shapatava A.Sh., Koberidze L.G. The numerical investigation of fosfofructocinaz system.

Shchedrin B.M. Problems of the treatment of datas of physical experiment.

Utsis V.S. On one automatic algorithm of the triangulation of two-dimensional domains of the sophisticated form.