Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 4, # 2, 1989





Abesadze T.P. The solution of statical thermoelastic basic differential equations represented by series for exponential non-homogeneous circle.

Abramian B.L, Engibarian C.A., Saakian A.V. The nonsymetric oscilation of rigidly circular base, specially with elastic halfspace.

Aleksandrov V.M. About geometric deformable junctions.

Andjaparidze O.E. The contact problem for cylindrical and spherical shells from boundedly compressible material.

Bagaturia G.G. The crack's dynamic in the infinite composity elastic band provided that antiplane deformation.

Basheleishvili M.O. About statical second generalized boundary value problem for the anosotropic elastic body.

Bitsadze L.P. The contact boundary value problems of electroelasticity.

Bolgrabskaya I.A., Savchenko A.Ya. The elastic systems to simulate by system connected rigid body.

Burchuladze T.V. The initial boundary value problems in the generalized theory of elastothermodiffusion.

Burchuladze T.V., Bezhuashvili Yu.A. Three-dimensilnal boundary value problems the elastothermodiffusion with boundary conditions.

Barisov M.Z. The isothermal coordinates in the boundary value problems for the linear dofferential equations of elliptic type.

Vashakmadze T.S. About mathematical theory of pieroelectrics and electrucally contactiv elastic plate.

Giorgashvili L.G. Analog Poisson's formul for the ball in the theory of mixture two isotropic elastic body.

Gogia A.A. The description program's systems for calculation plates and cylindral shells by theory of I.Vekua.

Gorshkov A.G., Tarlakovski D.V. The dinamic's moving boundary problems for the elastic halfspace.

Grigorenko I.M., Vasilenko A.T. About some approach to solution statical problems of anisotropic'sshells.

Gudushauri I.I. Reduction the solution of problems about calculation shells on the seismic effect to integration of ordinary differential equation.

Gulyaev V.I., Kirichuk A.A. The stability of nonlinear oscillaation of thin shells.

Dedenko Yu.F. About one approach to transformation of solution vector elastic external problems for the sphere by change origin of coordinates.

Japaridze D.A. The solution of ordinary differential equations, represented by series for exponential nonhomogeneous elliptic domain.

Doborjginidze L.G. About nonlinear theory of contact effects.

Duduchava R.V., Natroshvili D.G., Shargorodzhki E.M. The basic boundary value problems of cracks for the anisotropic body.

Zhgenti V.S. Investigation the problems of heat conductivity, nonhomogeneous with respect to thickness plate by I.N.Vekuaís method.

Zazashvili Sh.P. The mixed boundary value problem for the anisotropic plane with rectilinear cuts.

Zivzivadze R.T. About one boundary value problem for the composite anisotropic beam.

Ivanov B.P., Iliukkin A.A. The construction the relations of barís theory.

Ientsch L. On a new approaach for the contact problem of thermoelastics.

Konosov G.I. The theorem about right displacements in the finite element method.

Kravchuk AS. About the contact of deformable bodis with complicate conditions on the contact surface.

Larev M.I., Matekin N.A. About boundary value problems of elasticity into stress.

Magnaradze L.G. About some integral representations of anabiliticís functions and their applications in the theory of elasticity.

Menabdishvili P.Z. Numerical and experomental investigation of stress-deformation state of ridgeís shells with the complex geometric form under the concentrated actions.

Meunargia T.V. About the theory of nonslanting shells.

Mikhailov B.K., Kipiani G.O. Basic principles of calculation of thick-walled systems with discontinuous parameters.

Mkkhitarian S.M. About one class of the problems of interaction concentrate stress of different type with massive bodis.

Obolashvili E.I. The nonlocally problems in the three-dimensional theory of elasticity.

Rokva J.P., Khomasuridze N.G. Algorithm of numerical solution of one mixed boundary value problem for the domain with corner points.

Svanadze M.J. The representations of general solutions of statical equations for the two-component elastic mixturs.

Selski D.S., Khvoles A.R. On some problems of the theory elasticity by applying the method of I.N.Vekua.

Tonoian V.S. Axially symmetric contact problems of the theory of elasticity for the finite sylinder.

Ustinov Iu.A. About energy streaam on the resonance homogeneous solutions in the semibounded elastic bodis and energetic principle of uniqueness of solutions.

Khoma I.Iu. Three-dimensional stress-deformation state some elastic shells.

Khoroshun L.P. The mecanicís methodsof stochastically nonhomogeneous bodis.

Tsagareli I.I. The solution dynamicís problems for the thermoelastic circle.

Tshiskkarishvili G.V., Khomasutidze N.G. The investigation plates clean bar under the thickness degeneration into the interior point.

Chalidze A.K. The solution of ordinary differential equations, represented by series for exponential non-homogeneous ellipsoid of rotation