Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

VOL 3,N3, 1988

1.      Astashova I.V. On the asimptotic behavior of the solutions of some nonlinear differential equations thirt and forth order.9-12.

2.      Bespalova S.A., Kliukov Y.A., On one problem for thirt order equation with quadratic nonlinearity. 13-16.

3.      Bogdanova M.Y. On solvability of one nonlinear problem Knezer’s type. 17-21.

4.      Bulgakov A.I. On average functional-differential inclusions. 22-24.

5.      Gaprindashvili G.D.  On bounded solutions of second order non-linear ordinary differential equation system.25-28.

6.      Gegelia G.T. On periodical solutions of non-linear ordinary differential equations .   29-31.

7.      Gelashvili Sh.M., Kiguradze I.T. On the approximate solution of boundary problems for the system of functional-differential nonlinear equations. 32-38.

8.      Gogodze I.K. Simmetry in problem of optimal control. 39-42.

9.      Derfel G.A., Molchanov S.A. About one equation with linear transformed argument and its bounded solutions. 43-45.

10.  Jgarkava D.T. On the linear equation Volterra-Stilties type.46-49.

11.  Domoshinski A.I.  On application of Chapligins theorem. 50-53.

12.  Domoshinski A.I., Drakhlin M.E. About periodical solutions of functional-differential equations. 54-57.

13.  Domshlak Y.I. , Aliev A.I. On the method receiving of exact  theorem  Knezer’s type for differential equations with deviation arguments. 58-61.

14.  Evtukhov V.M. Asymtotical properties of monoton solutions of one class n-th order nonlinear differential equations. 62- 65

15.  Kvinikadze G.G. On singular solutions first sort of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. 66-70.

16.  Koplatadze R.G. On the asymtotical behevior of solutions  of n-th order differential equation with retard. 71-74.

17.  Kostin A.V., KorenovskiA.A. On the existing and estimate O-solutions of one class system of  differential equations. 75- 78.

18.  Labovski S.M. On positive in the axes solutions of the linear functional-differential equations. 79-82.

19.  Lepin A.I. The boundary value problems for the second order equation. 83-86.

20.  Lepin L.A. On nubers of solutions of one problem from nonlinear heat conductivity. 87-90.

21.  Leskovski I.P. Numerical solution of Coshi problem, admitting parallel schem.91-94.

22.  Lokshin B.I. Some periodic solutions in problem of motion rigid body in medium. 95-98.

23.  Likova O.B. On the applied of N.N.Bogoliubov’s schem for investigation of integral manifolds. 99-102.

24.   Magnaradze L.G.  About metod of sequential approximation for solving of differential and integral equations.103-107.

25.  Maksimov V.P. On the problem of Green’s operator with minimal norm. 108-111.

26.  Millionshchikov V.M. Recurent system and  stability by means of constant perturbations.112.

27.  Mirzov D.D. Pricipal and nonprincipal solutions of one nonlinear system. 113-116.

28.  Nadareishvili V.A., Paatashvili D.V. On oscillator properitis of  solutions of linear differential equations with delayed argument.117-122.

29.  Nikonenko V.V. Asimptotical behavior of solutions of quasi-linear system of differential equations in the neigborhood of irregular point. 123-126.

30.  Nurjanov O.D., Nefedova G.D., Periodical solutions of integro-differentil equations.127-130.

31.  Piliugin S.Y. Invariant sets C-tipical dynamic systems. 131-133

32.  Pliss V.A. Nonwandering set of nonlinear second order equation with switching.  134-138.

33.  Pokornii Y.V. On nonoscilation on the graphs. 139-142.

34.  Puja B.O. On some boundary problems for high order ordinary differential equations. 143-147.

35.  Rabimov A.S., Tabidze G.S. About two-point boundary problems for systems ordinary differential equation with singularity. 148-152.

36.  Reizin L.E. Sets of bifurcations of Pfaf’s equation. 153-156.

37.  Sadibaev F.J. On right solutions of Emden-Fauler’s equation. 157-159.

38.  Sushko V.G. On some singular-perturbations of degenereted differential equations . 160-163.

39.  Skhaliako Ch.A. Notice on the estimation of distance between  nulls of solutions of system of nonlinear differential equations. 164-167.

40.  Tadumadze T.A., Tavadze A.V., Dvalishvili F.A.  Maximum principe for one class controled system wirth incommensurable delaing. 168-171.

41.  Khvedelidze N.N. On bounded solutions of third order linear differential equations. 172-176.

42.  Khudiakov S.P. On differential inequality for equations with delayed argument. 177-180.

43.  Tsintsadze Z.A. Necessary conditions optimality for one class convex problems with mixed restrictions. 181- 184.

44.  Tskhovrebadze G.D. On one singular boundary problem Valle-Poussen’s type. 185-188.

45.  Chanturia T.A. On existence singular oscillatoring solutions High order Emden-Fauler’s differential equations. 189-192.

46.  Cherkas L.A.Qualitative investigation quadratic system with three parameters, rotaiting field. 193-196.

47.  Shekhter B.L. On nonmonoton and oscillatored solutions of some boundary  problems.197-200.

48.  Skukina I.S. About Andronov-Hopf’s manifuld equation of nonlinear oscillations with nonlinearity non-highest therth order. 201-203.

49.  Ivanov A.F., Sharkovski A.N. Oscillations of solutions of one class differential –difference equations.204-207.