Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 3, # 1, 1987







Baramidze E., Meskhia V. On a method of evalution of seismic waves godograph.

Bukhnikashvili I. On one cyclic iteration method with lengthwise variable cycles.

Vashakmadse T. On two-dimensional modes of Vekua-Lager for San-Venan problems.

Verbetski U., Gurvich E. A pre-translator expanding copabilities of Fortran-IV language.

Gordeziani D. On finite-difference algorithms for nonlocal boundary value problems.

Gordeziani D., Gunava G., Komurjishvili O., Okroashvili T. On resolutions of contact boundary value problem of plain elasticity theory with variable coefficients.

Gubelidze G., Devdariani R. On numerical solution of one problem of regulation by boundary condition for heat conductivity equation.

Devdariani R., Shalamberidze D. On aprior evaluation of the solution of one nonlinear problem by means of quasi-invesion method.

Jangveladze T. A difference scheme for one system of nonlinear equations in paartial derivatives.

Jashiashvili G., Nikolaishvili Sh. Computation of angular and energetical distributions of photos reflected by homogeneous half-space.

Jishkariani A. Some uniform estimates of error in approximate projection methods.

Zedelashvili Z. On one formula for determining zero of monotonic function.

Evseev E., Shonia V. On one inverse problem for two-dimensional nonlinear equation of diffusion.

Karalashvili L. Harmonized estimations of convergence velocity of scheme for composite method of straight lines.

Karkarashvili G. Solution of nonlinear integral equations with monotonic operators.

Lobzhanidze G. On one parallel algorithm of numerical solution of elliptic boundary value problems.

Lomidze I. On some properties of Wandermond determinant.

Machaidze Z. On determination of the least dominating set of graph vertexes.

Meladze G., Potskhishvili D. Numerical solution of quasi-linear systems of hyperbolic type by means of Glimm method.

Mirianashvili M., Samsonia Z. On numerical realization of quasi-conformal mapping of doubly-connected domains.

Mchedlishvili N. On some algorithms of numerical solution of descrete equations of Winner-Hopf.

Nikolaishvili Sh., Peradze R. On calculation of neutrons distribution in homogeneous medium.

Rogava J. On approximate solution of one nonclassical boundary value problem for abstract elliptic equation by means of method of straight lines.

Sulkhanishvili G. On approximate solution of one noncorrect problem for the equation of heat conductivity.

Skhirtladze N., Bochorishvili R. On application of conservative zonal schemes for evaluation of gas flow in canals of complicated configuration.

Tarkashvili Ts., Gordadze G., Rostomashvili Z., Sigua K. Determination of optimalconditions of activational analysis.

Khmaladze Sh. On numerical solution of some boundary value problems of gas flow through pipe-lines.

Chankotadze A. On an approximare method for solution of an inverse problem of seismometry.

Shapatava A. Some questrons of numerical solution of boundary value problems for equations of biomathematics.

Shengelia Z. Regularization of nonstable proective scheme for non-linear equations with an operator, depending on small parameter.

Utsis V. On one numerical approach to evaluation of liquid flow throught earth-dam.