Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics


Volume 2, # 2, 1986


Chairman of section

L. Magnaradze


Edited by

M. Basheleishvili




Antidze N.V. The effect of tangential local load on the external surface of elastic spherical shall of constant thichness, containing in the viscous compection


Bagaturia G.G. The dynamical stress of band due topropagation of crack


Basheeshvili M.O. The boundary-contact problems for the piecewise homogeneous body


Bitsadze LP. The investigation of the statical basic boundary value problems of electroelasticity


Burchuladze T.K. About dynamic problems for the generalized theory of thermoelasticity


Buchukuri T.V., Gegelia T.G. The behavior of stress and displacement vectors of near the singular points


Vashakmadze T.S. For the theory of elastic plates of changeable ....... thickness.......


Gelashvili D.M. The uniqueness theorems for the nonstationary problems in the theory of generalized moment thermoelasticity


Giorgashvili L.G. The solution of basic statical boundary value problems for the hemitropic micropolar spherical ring


Gogia A.A. The program system ....... for the solution some two-dimensioal boundary valueproblem of the theory of elasticity and of the theory of shells


Gudushauri I.I. About the reduction method for the solution of three-dimensional mechanical problems of solid mechanics to the integration ordinary differential equations and on some results for numerical realization


Giutner A.F. About one variant input equations to constract the theory of envelope of I.Vekua


Jagmaidze A.J. An effective solution of the statical boundary value problems of the theory of elasticity for the mixture of two isotropic body


Doborjginidze L.G. The solution some planar elasticoplastic problems for the nonlinear theory of elasticity


Zhgenti V.S. Investigation nonhomogeneous transverssally isotropic plate with respect to thickness on the basis of the theory of I.Vekua


Zazashvili Sh.P. Thr solution of one bending mixed boundary value problem for anisotropic plate


Kvinikadze M.G. About some dinamical boundary-contact problem of the theory elasticity for the anisotropic nonhomogeneous elastic body


Kezerashvili M.I. The ...... problem tension of the homogeneous anisotropic rod with weakly bent axes


Kukujanov S.N. About on influence preliminary stress state on the eigenvalue oscillation of conica envelope


Losaberidze A.A., Madzagua Z.K, Giorgadze P.P. Dinamics of the continual discrete space system, applied in the hydrotecnical construction


Meladze R.V. The solution of the basic boundary value problems of the established oscillation of the momenttheory for the space with ball, with hole


Meunargia T.V. About one method of application complex analyses in the theoru of shel


Natroshvili D.G. About one boundary value problem of the theory elasticity for the mixture of two isotropic body


Rokva J.P. The solution of basic mixed boundary value problem of the two dimensional theory of elasticity for the domain with the corner points


Svanadze M.J. The dinamical problems of the theory elasticity for the mixture of two isotropic body


Siradze Z.Sh. The effective solution of one boundary value problem of the theory of elasticity for the special nonhomogeneous two-dimensional body


Skhirtladze N.S. The boundary value problems of two-dimensional theory of elasticity for the body with curvelinear cups


Ungiadze A.V. One boundary value problem, meeting in the theory of elasticity


Khatiashvili G.M. The solution of the bending problem of composible body with cross forse and with the general anisotropic


Tsagareli I.I. The solution of third and fourth dynamic boundary value problems for the isotropic circle


Tsitskishvili A.P. The solution of some planeproblems of the theory filtration with the help of the solution of Fuck’s class differential equation


Shavlakadze M.N. The contact problem of Strenger variable section interaction with halfplane


Sharikadze M.V. On the solution of automodeling problems of boundary layer with contaction fluid