Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 2, # 1, 1986

This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 21-23, 1995 at the section of Partial Differential Equations of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.



Chairman of seminar

L. Magnaradze

Edited by

G. Jaiani



Magnaradze L.G. On a complex analysis methods, used for solving mathematical problems for a non-homogeneous deformable body in the space.

Abesadze T.P. Ectimates of the remander term of the expaonsion for the solutions of the fundamental boundary value problems of the statistic termoelasticity in the non-homogeneous circle .

Avazashvili N.D. About the index of the singular integral equation.

Banzuri R.D., Izakhanov R.C. On one mixed boundary value problem of the analytical function theory.

Gvazava D.K. On the solutions of the non degenerate elliptical Dubreil-Jaioten equation.

Gugushvili E.E., Lolashvili C.R., Nikolaishvili Sh.C. On Vike problem of the transfer theory.

Jaiani G.V. On the influens of the first termson the boundary value problem for the elliptic equation with the degenerate degree.

Kaldani N.V. On one property of the solution of Karleman-Vekua equation with the parameter.

Kapanadze D.G. On the unique solution of the inverse problem of the potential theory.

Lomtatidze T.G. On the effective solutions of some boundary value problems for the semi-harmonic functions.

Makatsaria.G.T. On the influence of the geometry of area on the solution of the boundary valur problem.

Ngo Van Liok. On one differential boundary value problem of the linear conjugative for Q-holomorphic vectors.

Obolashvili L.I. Some systems of the differential equations of the wave type.

Tavkhelidze I.N. On the behaviour of the solutions of the elliptic equations in the unbounded domains.

Usanetashvili M.A. On the problem of the inclined derivative for the Lavrentiev-Bitzadze equation.

Tsuladze R.M. On a solvability of one characteristic problem for the linear hyperbolic equations of the high degree.

Chalidze A.K., Japaridze D.A. The estimate of the remander terms of the expansion of the fundamental boundary value problem of the plane static elasticity for the exponential uniform semi-plane.

Chakhavadze A.Sh. On the characteristic problem of the equation with the non-linear main part.

Shulaia D.A. On the convergece of the Fourier series respect the eigen functions of the characteristic equation of the linear multivelocity transfer theory.