Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 1, # 3, 1985



This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 23-27, 1985 at the section of Ordinary Differential Equations of enlarged session of the seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.


Chairman of seminar

L. Magnaradze

Edited by

I. Kiguradze


C O N T E N T S 

Astashova I.V. On the asimptotic behavior of the solutions of some nonlinear differential equations.

Bogatirev S.V., Strigin V.V. On a movement of the conduct solid body near mass center in the magnetic field.

Bogdanova M.I. The kriterion of the stability of partial differential systems.

Bulgakov A.I. On the oscillation of solutions of second order differential systems.

Vasiliev N.I. One boundary value problem with the quadric non-linearity.

Gegelia G.T. On one class of the nonlinear two-point boundary value problem.

Golokvoschus P.B. Asymptotics of norms of fundamental matrix of the diturbed confluent system of differential equations.

Domoshnitzki A.I. On the lative behavior of the first order equation with the dalaied argument.

Drakhlin M.E. On Kochi's matrix of the functional-differential equation.

Egorov I.V., Kondratiev V.A. On the exect estimation of the first eigen-value of Shturm-Liuville problem.

Izobov N.A. On continues and non-continues solutions of Emden-Faulerís equation.

Kvinikadze G.G. On Knezer's solutions of nonlinear ordinary differential equations.

Kiguradze I.T. On multi-point boundary value problems for a systems of ordinary differential equations.

Kozlov R.I. On the theory of differential equations with Vagevski condition.

Koplatadze R.G. On the oscillation of solutions of high order differential equation.

Kostin A.V., Shchegolev S.A. On differential systems conteins slowly change parametrs.

Labovski S.M. On positive solutions of the linear singular two-point boundary value problem.

Lepin A.I. The generalized solvability of the two-point boundary value problemís for the second order equation.

Lepin L.A. The method of upper and lower functions for differential equations.

Lomtatidze A.G. On the solvability of boundary value problems for non-linear second ordes differential equations with a singularity.

Maksimov V.P. A priori inequalities in the theory of functional-differential equations.

Millionshchikov V.M. A typical property of Liapunov's stability.

Mirzov D.D. An asymptotic property of the solution of Emden-Faulerís nonlinear system.

Mitropolski I.A., Samoilenko I.M., Perestuk N.A. The canonical form of one class of differential equations with the impulse influense.

Nadareishvili V.A. On oscillated and monotone solutions of second-order differential equations with delayed argument.

Nozadze G.T. On the bifurcation of stationary solutions of the solid body movement equations.

Ordinskaia Z.P. On the behavior of solutions of differential equations sysdtem with a delay.

Paatashvili D.V. On unlimited solutions of a linear second-order differential equation with the delayed argument.

Reizin L.E. An exeptial directions and exeptial conics.

Rozov N.Kh., Sushko V.G. On some singular disturbed boundary value problems.

Rumiantsev A.N. On one method of construction the estimation of solutions of a linear differential equations system.

Skhaliako Ch.A. On nulls of solutions of one system of two differential equations with alternatic coefficients.

Tadumadze T.A., Tavadze A.V. On a continuity of the minimum of a functional in optimal problems of neitral type.

Khvedelidze N.N. On Knezer's problem for third order linear differential equations.

Chanturia T.A. On specific sighs an oscillation of solutions of Emden-Faulerís differential equations with delayed argument.

Cheban D.N. Dissipative dynamic systems.

Shekhter B.L. On one boundary value problem for the semi-axis.