Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 1, # 2, 1985





Andrienko V.A. On the rate of summability of orthogonal series by the Riesz method.

Afanasieva V.I. Interpolation processes in spaces C(w) and C*(wn).

Akhobadze T.I. Classes of generalized bounded variation and continuity of functions of these classes.

Babaev M.- B.A. Theorem of existence in the approximation by compinations of functions of a smaller number of variables.

Baskakov V.A. On the best approximation of C(e) classes of linear polynomial operators.

Belinski E.S. Approximation of classes of smooth functions by trigonometric polynomials with a preseribed number of harmonics.

Berkolaiko M.Z. Images of Fourier functions from the generalized Besov spaces.

Gabidzashvili M.A. Weighted inequalities for the integral type potential in homogeneous spaces.

Gaposhkin V.F. Ergodic theorems for the operators in L2 and orthogonal series.

Gevorkian G.G. On the series by the Franklin system.

Gogoladze L.D. On the uniform strong summability of multiple trigonometric Fourier series.

Gulisashvili A.B. On the traces of the functions from the Besov space on the subsets of the Euclidean space.

Gunia N.G. On the convergence of the Fourier series of almost periodic Stepanov functions.

Gurielashvili R.I. On the Fourier coefficients.

Danielian A.A. On the Baire functions of the first class, defined on the compact sets.

Jvarsheishvili A.G. On the boundary properties of theCauchy type differentiated double integral.

Jvarsheishvili A.G. On a space of measurable real functions.

Dzagnidze O.P. Partial derivaties of the Poisson integral and their boundary properties.

Diachenko M.I. On the double trigonometric series and Fourier series with the monotone coefficients.

Kokilashvili V.I. Singular and fractional integrals in weighted spaces.

Kuznetsova O.I. On one condition of integrability of multiple trigonometric series.

Mushegian G.I. On the uniqueness of the transposed Haar series under nonfixed transposition.

Nadiradze B.P., Chanturia Z.A. On the absolute convergence of the Fourier-Walsh series.

Novikov I.Ja., Rodin V.A. On the strong in the sense of symmetric spaces summability of Fourier series.

Ovchinnikov V.I. Application of absolutely summing operators in the interpolation theorems on the reiteration.

Osilenker B.P. On the restoration of the function of m-variables by its power moments.

Pekarski A.A. On the rate of best rational approximations in the spaces C, BMO and Lp.

Privalov A.A. Fourier series and interpolation processes.

Rubinstein A.I. On the best approximating series.

Rusak V.M. Rational approximation of periodic functions with a piecewise-convex derivative.

Saakian A.A. On the Fourier series of functions of bounded generalized variation.

Sadovskaia O.B., Semenov E.M. Fourier-Haar multiplications.

Starovoitov A.P. Rational approximation of functions from W2V[a,b].

Stepanetz A.I. Approximation of infinity differentiable periodic functions.

Storozhenko E.A. On the local approximation in Hp, 0<p 1.

Temirgaliev N. On one example from the measure theory.

Temliakov V.M. On linear bounded methods of approximation of functions.

Timan A.E. Approximation by polynomials of functions, having singularities and fractional parts.

Trigub R.M. On the principle of comparison of Fourier expansions.

Ugulava D.K. On the approximation of functions of several variables by means of integral functions of exponential type.

Fomin G.A. Estimation of the approximation of functions by the mean Fourier series.

Kheladze Sh.V. On the convergence and divergence of Fourier series in general multiplicative systems.

Khokholov V.B. Approximate properties of interpolation processes of Lagrange-Jacobi.

Tsereteli O.D. On A-integrability of values of the operators, commutative with shifts.