Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 1, # 1, 1985






Magnaradze L.G. The influence of I.Vekkua scientific works on the development of some directions of mathematical analysis.

Alekhno A. The characteristic singular integral equation with the multi-sided whirl point.

Akhalaia G., Manjavidze G. On one differential boundary value problem for the generalized analytical functions.

Babaev A.A., Salimov T.S. On Cauchy's integral of particular type.

Belii V.I. On the constants in estimations of the distance distortion at the conformal mappings.

Bilman B.M., Jangibekov G. On some two-dimensional integral equations with the discontinuous coefficients in the bounded simply connected domain.

Bliev N.K., Abdimanapov S.A. On the normal solvability in the sense of Hausdorf of the two-dimensional singular equation in the practional spaces.

Bliev N.K., Mukhamediarova A.J. On the new class of the generalized analytical functions.

Boikov I.V. The approximate solution of the semi-singular integral equations.

Bondar A.V. On some cryterians of the holomorphicity for the mapping of the complex Hilbert spaces.

Vasilevski N.L. On one algebra originated by multi-dimensional Viner-Hopf operators.

Vasilevski N.L., Shapiro M.V. On the analogous of monogeity in Moisil-Teodoresko sense and some application in the theory of boundary value problems.

The approximation by means of the rational fractions in Orlich spaces on the circumference.

Grushevski S.P. On some approximations of the weak type estimates of the non-tangent maximal functions.

Dibin V.B. The one-dimensional singular integral equations with the annular coefficients.

Zelinski Yu.B. Han-Banach theorem for the strong linely convex domains.

Zolotukhin I.P. The boundary value problem for the first order elliptical systems of differential equations on the complex analytical manifold and its applications in the bending theory.

Ivanov V.V. The complex analysis and one new problem of the indentification in the class of generalized functions.

Cacichev V.A. On Riemann-Hilbert boundary value problems with the integro-differential operators for the analytical functions in the bidomains.

Kapanadze G.A. Hilbert generalized boundary value problem for the piesewise holomorphic vector with displacement.

Karapetiantz N.K. On the integral operators with the homogeneous kernels.

Karlovich Yu.I. Noter's theory of one class of the connolution type operators.

Karlovich Yu.I., Litvinchuk G.S., Spitkovski I.M. Factorizaation of the almost-periodic matrixes and Noter's theory of Viner-Hopf equations systems with the semi-aalmost-periodic presymbols.

Kokkilashvili V.M. The singular integrals with Cauchy's kernels in Orlich spaces with the weight.

Kravchuk E.V. On the extremal functions in the problem of the standarcs of the level lines at conformal mappings.

Krupnik N.Ya. The local principleof calculation of the factor-norms of singular integral operators.

Kitmanov A.M. On the investigation of the algebraic equations system in the chemical cinetics by means of the multi-dimensional deductions.

Madoyan S.V. The boundary properties of the functions of class N(Wo,Wn,C).

Makatsaria G.T. The boundary problems for Karleman-Vekua equation with the polar particularities.

Mamedkhanov J.I. Some problems of the best approximation in the complex domain.

Marichev O.I., Vy Kim Tuan. The compound structure of some integral transformaations of connolution type.

Machavariani I.D. On the continuity of the singular integral with Cauchy kernel.

Mityuk I.P. Some properties of the functions, regulaar in the circle.

Mikhailov L.G., Usmanov N. The paarticular cases of the conjugated boundaary value problems for some partial differential equations.

Monakhov V.N., Semenkko E.V. The conjugated boundary value problems for the analytic functions with the infinite index.

Nazarian E.O. On the multi-dimensional analogie of Karleman formula with the holomorphic kernel.

Obolashvili E.I. Some boundary value problems for the metaparabolic equation.

Oligov B.Kh. Some properties of Faber's generalized operators.

Paatashvili V.A. On Riemann-Hilbert discontinuous problem.

Palamodov V.P. Artfacts of reconstruction of the discontinuous function by means of finite number values of its Radon transformation.

Rodin Yu.I. The matrixal Riemann problem and the non-lineaar completely integrable systems.

Saginashvili A.I. Riemann problem with the displacement in the domain.

Samko S.G. On considere of differentiation in sense of Grunvald-Letnikov with the another forms of the fractional differentiation. The periodic and non-periodic case.

Sarkisian S.Ts. On one generalization of Viman-Valiron and its application at the algebraic differential equations.

Spitkkovsi I.M. On Riemann vectorial boundary value problem in the discontinueous case.

Tumarkin A.G. On system {Re (x)+ Im (x) }.

Tumarkin G. On the class of domains connected with the properties of Cauchy integral.

Usmanov Z.D. The izothermical conjugated parametrization of the surface in the neighbourhood of the planar point.

Khatiashvili N.G. On one boundary value problem for the piece-wiese holomorphic functions in the plane with cuts.

Khimshashvili G.N. The functional analysis and Fredholm theory of singular operators.

Chibrikova L.I. The using of piese-wiese holomorphic functions for the constructions of the integral representations of some special functions.

Chikvinidze L.N. The constructive discription of some functional classes in the weighted integral metrics.

Ianushauskas A.I. The orthogonal polynomials and the eigenvalue problems for the confluent equations.