Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua

Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 18, # 1-2, 2003

ISSN 1512-0066

Organaizing Commitee: D. Gordeziani (Chairman), N. Avazashvili (Secretary),

G. Jaiani, I. Tavkhelidze.

Chairmens of sections: Prof.GJaiani & Prof. M. Basheleishvili

Edited by: Prof. T. Jangveladze, Prof. M. Svanadze & Prof. I. Tavkhelidze


Programm of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.

Avalishvili G. On One Nonlocal Time Problem for Hyperbolic Equation.

Avalishvili M. On the Investigation of a Dynamical Model of Elastic Rods.

Devdariani G., Gubelidze D. On a System of Second Order Degenerated Elliptic Equations on an Angular Domain.

Jangveladze T., Kiguradze Z. Estimates of a Stabilization Rate as t→∞ of Solutions of a System of Nonlinear Integro-differential Equations.

Kapanadze Dj. On a Nonlocal Boundary Value Problem for a Biharmonic Equation.

Khatiashvili N. On Linear Conjugation Problem for the Secationlly Holomorphic Double Quast-Periodic Functions.

Komurjishvili O. There-layer Difference Schemes ror Multidimensional Hyperbolic Equation.

Kupreishvili T. An Analogue of Saint-Venant's Principle.

Lobjanidze G. On the Variational Formulation of Bitsadze-Samarskii Problem for the Equation - ∆u+ λu=f.

Nikolaishvili Sh., Rostomashvili Z. A Numerical Model of the Light Halo Around of a Laser Beam in the Earth's Atmosphere.

Tavkhelidze I. About Geometric Structure of Coefficients of one Differential Equation wich Defined the Apriory Energetic Estimate Saint-Venant's Type.

Tutberidze M. Comparison Theorems for one Nonlinear Diffusion System.

Chocoraia D. Theory of Non-Shallow Spherical Shell, when the Vector of Displacement is Independent from the Thickness Coordinate x3.

Devdariani G., Danjgava R., Mosia M. Investigation on an Equilibrium Problem of Plate for St. Venant-Kirchhoff Materials by I. Vekua's Method (N=1 Approximation).

Gulua B. Application of I. Vekua Method for Non-shallow Cylindrical Shells.

Khmiadashvili M., Karseladze G. Interaction of an Elastik and a Scalar Fields.

Narmania M. On Solving of one Problem for Temperature Stresses in Transtropic Plate.

Svanadze K. Explicit Solutions of Boundary Value Problems of Statics in the Linear Theory of Elastic Mixtures for an Infinite Strip.

Toradze D., Tsagareli I. The Solution of the Boundary-Contact Problems of Statics of the Theory of Elastic Mixtures for Compound Circle.