Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua

Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 16, # 1-3, 2001

ISSN 1512-0066


of enlarged session of the I.vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

This volume was supported by ISPM (International School in Physics and Mathematics)

Organaizing Commitee: D. Gordeziani (Chairman), N. Avazashvili (Secretary),

G. Jaiani, I. Tavkhelidze.

Chairmens of sections: Prof. G.Jaiani, Prof. M.Basheleishvili & Prof. D.Gordeziani

Edited by: Prof. T.Jangveladze, Prof.M.Svanadze & Prof. R.Bochorishvili



Section #1

Program of the Section of Partial Differential Equations

Bagaturia G. On an Nonlinear Version of Goursat Problem

Devdariani G. On a Linear Eliptic Equation With Non-power Degeneration

Jangveladze T., Kiguradze Z. Domain Decomposition for Bitsadze-Samarskii Boundary Value Problem.

Khatiashvili N. On One Boundary Value Problem for Double-periodic Analytic Functions

Kiguradze Z. On the Stationary Solution for One Diffusion Model

Obolashvili E. Paul Dirac and Clifford Analysis

Sharikadze J. Solution of Boundary Layer Equations of Conducting Fluide With Strong Suction.

Tavkhelidze I. On Some Properties of a Class of Geometrical Bodies

Section #2

Program of the Section of Solid Mechanics

Bitsadze L. On Some Solutions of Statics of the Theory of Elastic Transversally Isotropic Mixturs

Giorgashvili L., Meladze R., Karseladze G. Boundary-contact Problems for Domains Bounded by Ellipsoid of Rotation

Janjgava R. The Spherical Shell of Binary Mixture

Kapanadze E. Wavelet Bases Properties in Some Function Spaces

Karseladze G. The Interaction Between Two Bodies with Different Elastic Fieldes

Meunargia T. On the Two-dimensional Analogues for the Physically and Geometrically Non-linear Theory of Shells

Svanadze K. On the Dynamic Problem of the Elastic Mixtures for Isotropic Strip

Zirakishvili N. The Elliptic Semi-ring Stress Condition

Section #3

Section of Numerical Analysis

Abesadze T., Rogava D. On the Stabillity and Convergence of the Variational Difference Scheme of the Numerical Realisation of the Caucgy-Dirichlet Boundary value Problem for the Dynamic Equation of the Spherical Shell

Bukhnikashvili I., On Numerical Solution of One Certain Problem for Richardson’s Iteration,

Davitashvili T., Mirianashvili J. On One Numerical Model of Atmosperic Sediments

Gegechkori Z., Rogava J., Tsiklauri M. On Approximation of Semigroup by Rezolvents

Katamadze E., Meladze H. Approximate Solution of Cauchy Problem for One Class of Fuzzy Differential Equations

Khvedelidze R. On Reiterated Method of Finite Elements

Lobjanidze G. Note on Variational Formulation of Non-local Bitsadze-Samarski Problem

Peradze J. Iteration Process for Kirchoff’s String

Sirbiladze G. Fuzzy Measure Approximation on the Field of Insufficiant Expert Data

Zakhradze M. On Some Aspects of Solution Practical Problems by the Method of Conformal Mapping