Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 14, # 3, 1999




Akhobadze M., Kiguradze D. Analysis of Hierarchical Systems by Means of Incidence "Weighted" Matrix

Ashordia M. On Difference Multipoint Boundary Value Problems

Avalishvili G., Gordeziani D. On the Investigation of Plurievolution Equations in Abstract Spaces

Avalishvili M. On a Dimensional Reduction Method in the Theory of Elasticity

Batiashvili Z. Comparison Theorem for Difference Schemes for One System of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Berikelashvili G. The Convergence in W21 of the Difference Solution to the Third Boundary Value Problem of Elasticity Theory

Bukhnikashvili I. Improvement of the Richardson's Cyclic Iterative Method

Danelia R., Davitashvili T., Khvedelidze Z. On Atmospheric Processes Forecast in Underlying Surface Layer with Account of Nonhomogenous Prediction Area

Davitashvili T., Gordeziani D. Non-ordinary Boundary Conditions in the Problem of the Atmosphere Pollution

Davitashvili T., Gordeziani D., Khvedelidze Z. Mathematical Model of the Atmosphere Pollution for the Mountain Region

Gegechkori Z., Rogava J., Tsiklauri M. Sequential-parallel Method of High Degree Precision of Cauchy Abstract Problem Solution

Geladze G. The Numerical Model of the Advection Fog

Gordeziani D., Gordeziani E. On Investigation of Difference Schemes for Some Pluriparabolic Equation

Gordeziani N. Non-local by Time Problems in the Theory of Elasticity

Khatiashvili G., Silagadze G. On a Numerical Solution of Two-dimensional Problems of Elasticity for Anisotropic Medium by the Method of Fundamental Solutions

Kiguradze Z. The Difference Scheme for One System of Nonlinear Partial Differenrial Equations

Lobjanidze G. On Numerical Solution of Bitsadze-Samarski Problem for Sturm-Liouville Operator in the Piecewise Linear Functions Space

Menteshashvili M. On Numerical Solution of the Initial Valued Problem on the Unit Circle

Papukashvili N., Peradze J. Galerkin's Method for a Nonlinear Equation od Oscillation

Papukashvili N., Peradze J. The Difference Scheme With Weights for a Nonlinear System

Sanikidze J. On Error Estimate of the Modified Scheme of the Discrete Rotations Method

Shapatava A. Non-local Problems in Time for One Equation of Biomatematic

Zarnadze D. On Spline Algorithms and Best Approximations in Finite Codimensional Subspaces