Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 14, # 2, 1999




Basheleishvili M. Solutions of the Basic Boundary Value Problems of Elastic Mixtures for the Interior and Exterior Elliptic Domains

Bitsadze L. The Basic Contact Problem for Piece-wise Homogeneous Transversally Isotripic Electroelastic Body

Janjgava R. Solution of Some Temperature Stress Problems by I.Vekua's Plate Theory

Kapanadze G. About One Problem of Bending of a Plate

Khatiashvili G. On a Torsion's Problem for Homogeneous Isotripic and Anisotripic Elliptic Tubes

Kutateladze G. On one Boundary Problem of Theory of Holomorphic Functions and its Application to the Theory of Elasticity

Meunargia T.T. Some Boundary-Value Problems for E. Reissner Type of Equations

Meunargia T. The Method of a Small Parameter for Non-Linear Spherical Shells

Mosia M. Solution of Some Three-Dimensional Problems by I.Vekua Theory

Muradova L., Vashakmadze T. On The Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions Computation for Some Problems of Elastic Plates Theory

Narmania M. One Problem of Concentration of Stress Solve by Theory of I.Vekua

Svanadze K. On the Existence of Eigenfrequencies of the Interior Honogeneous Boundary-value Problems of Steady Oscillations of the Theory of Elastic Mixtures in the Case Two-Dimension

Svanadze K. Two-dimensional Boundory Value Problems of Statics of the Theory Elastic Mixtures

Toradze D., Tsagareli I. The Boundary Value Problems of the Theory of Elastic Mixture for Half-plane and Endless Strip

Zirakhashvili N. Torsion of a Hallow Elliptic Shaft