Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 13, # 4, 1998




Antidze J., Gulua N. Analysis of Georgian Text for Construction of Teaching System

Archvadze N., Pkhovelishvili M., Tsuladze M. The Basic Concept of Creating the Teaching System Evironment

Bendianishvili D., Papukashvili A. On Some Program's Modules of a Packege of Applied Programs for a Design of Space Building's

Besiashvili G., Grdzelidze G., Jikia N., Nanobashvili N. Multilevel (Hierarchic) Coding and the Wholeness of Form Perception

Bokuchava N.V. Information Method of Planning the Experiment

Chankvetadze G. Applying Prolog for Office Programs

Chkhaidze Kh., Muradova A., Vashakmadze T. To Design of Some Bending Problems

Criado F., Gachechiladze T., Meladze H., Tsertsvadze G. A Combined Entropy for Evaluation of Fuzzy Random Events Probabilities

Gogiashvili J., Namicheishvili O. Threshold Redundancy of Binary Channels

Gogichashvili V., Korkotashvili L., Khokhiashvili I., Tsiskaridze A., Tavkhelidze I. About Development of a Computer Network

Gulua N. On the Construction of Georgian Interactive Teaching System

Jikia N., Nanobashvili N. Several Issues of Compressed Image Recognition

Katamadze E.V., Meladze H.V. The Fuzzy Cauchy Problem for the First Order Ordinary Differential Equation and One Approach to its Numerical Solution

Kochladze Z. About of One Characteristic of Straight and Reverse Production Systems in Heurestic Search

Kutsia T. A Framework for Some Semantics of Normal Logic Programs

Makharadze M. Use of some Problems of Logic in Programming

Megrelishvili R. Coding Structures and the Generalized Vandermonde Determi nant

Modebadze Z. Statistical Registration of Customers in the Computer Networks

Moshashvili M. On Dialogue Interface of Operative Processing Information System

Naranjo M. State-Identification Problems in the Control of Automata

Pkhakadze K. Herbrand Functional Q-domains, Herbrand Q-interpretations and Properties of MGRQ-resolutive Inferences in the Second Order Q-theories

Sharashidze G. The Systemic and The Polynomial Conceptual Computation Technologies of Problems of Combinatorics

Tibua L. An Agorithm for Construction a Metaformula Associated to a Formula

Tsiskaridze V. On Object Oriented Modelling of Circulation of Documents