Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 13, # 2-3, 1998




# 2

Berikelashvili G. On the Definition of a Nonlocal Trace of a Function

Danelia A., Lekishwili M. Conjugated Functions of Multiple Variables and Deformation of Zygmund's   Z(ω(2),C(Tm))  Class

Goginava U. On the Summability of Multiple Fourier-Walsh-Paley Series

Gogoladze L., Meskhia R. On The Absolute Convergence of Fourier Trigonometric Series


# 3

Gorgodze N., Tadumadze T. Differentiability of Solutions of Neutral Type Quasi-Linear Differential Equations With Respect to the Initial Data and the Right-hand Side

Gubelidze G. On Approximate Solution of a Control Problem for Parabolic Equations

Dochviri B., Shashiashvili M. The American Lookback Put and Optimal Stopping

Kharatishvili G. The Dynamic Model of the Projects of Optimal Crediting

Maisuradze V. About a Generalization of Lusternik Theorem

Sharikadze J. Magnetohydrodynamic Free Convection Flows in Sloping Channels

Sharikadze J. On Some Steady Magnetohydrodynamic Problems of Convection Flows

Sigua L. Magnetic Problem for the Vector Helmholtz Equation

Tavadze A. Existence Theorem in the Neutral Type Quasi- Linear Optimal Control Problems

Tsintsadze Z. Necessary Conditions of Optimality of Processes with Parameters to Quasi-Linear Problems of Control in the Presence of Mixed Restrictions