Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 13, # 1, 1998




Akhalaia G., Manjavidze G. On Differential Boundary Value Problem for the First Order Elliptic System on the Complex Plane

Giorgadze G. On some Geometrical Properties of the Generalized Analytic Functions

Janjgava R. Stretch of Ring by I.Vekua's Theory

Jikia V. On One Class Equations of Carleman-Vekua

Kapanadze G. Problem of Bending of a Plate Bounded by Two Convex Polygons

Khuskivadze G., Paatashvili V. On Conformal Mapping of the Domain with a Piecewise Smooth Curve on the Same Domain

Makatsaria G. On the Maximum Principle for Elliptic Systems In the Plane

Manjavidze N. On Some Boundary Value Problems of the Theory of the Analytic Functions on Cut Plane

Meshveliani Z. Dirichlet Problem for Functions of Smirnov Weighted Class Analytic in the Domain with Piecewise Smooth Boundaries

Meunargia T.T. Concentration Stress Problems for E. Reissner Type of Equations

Meunargia T.V. On One Application of Complex Variable in the Non-Linear Theory of Plate

Mosia M., Narmania M. Problems Concentracion of Stress by Theory I.Vekua

Rokva Zh. Application of the Finite Element Modifaed Method for the Numerical Solution of a Boundary Value Problem of the Plane Elasticity in Domains with Corners

Saginashvili A. Singular Integral Operators with the Complex Conjugation