Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 12, # 1-3, 1997



This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 21-23, 1997 at the sections of Partial Differential Equations and mechanics of deformable rigid bodies of enlarged session of the seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.


Chairman of sections

G. Jaiani

M. Basheleishvili

D. Gordeziani

 Edited by

T. Jangveladze

Ts. Gabeskiria

R. Bochorishvili



# 1

Chichua G. On a Stability of an Approximate Solution for Solid-fluid Model

Jaiani G. On a Modification of Lax-Milgram Theorem

Jangveladze T. On the Asymptotic Behaviour as  t → ∞  Of Solutions of One Nonlinear Integro-Differential Parabolic Equation

Kvashilava G. One Spatial Boundary Value Problem of Darboux Type for the Third Order Hyperbolic Equation

Klebanskaya M. Darboux Problem for Hyperbolic Equation with Parabolic Degeneracy

Midodashvili B. On the Solvability of the One Nonlocal Problem for the Fourth Order Hyperbolic Equation

Sharikadze J. Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer Near the Line of Intersection of Two Porous Surfaces with Heat Transfer

Shulaia D. On Spectral Representation of the Linear Multigroup Transport Problem

Tavkhelidze I. Asymptotic of Solution Dirichlet Boundary Valua Problem for Poliharmonic Equation in Polihedral "Canonical" Angles


# 2

Bitsadze L. First Boundary Value Problem of the Electroelasticity for the Transversally Isotropic Half-Plane with Curvilinear Cuts

Khomasuridze I. Solution of Some Boundary-Contact Problem in Connection with Delocalization Problem



# 3

Bochorishvili R. Three-point Semidiscrete Moving Grid Schemes for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws in One Space Dimensions

Bochorishvili R., Elkanishvili N. On Flux Splitting for Ideal Gas Dynamic Equations

Bukhnikashvili A.I. Richardson's Iterated Method for the Solution of Linear Equation with a Bounded Self-Conjugate Operator

Davitashvili T. Numerical Model for Medium Range Baroclinic Atmosphere Forecast

Geladze G. The Numerical Simulation of Artificial Influence the Humidity Processes

Gordeziani D., Gordeziani N., Avalishvili G. On the Investigation and Resolution of Non-Local Boundary and Initial-Boundary Value Problems

Meladze B. On a Constraction of Three-Level Schemes for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws

Rogava J., Kudava M. On the Stability and Convergence of Three-Layer Semi-Discrete Scheme for Quasi-Linear Abstract Hyperbolic Equation

Skhirtladze R. On Searching of Polynomial Conservation Laws for Some Multidimensional Evolution Equations Using Generalized Euler Operator