Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 10, # 3, 1995



This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 21-23, 1995 at the section of Numerical Unalysis of enlarged session of the seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.


Chairman of seminar

D. Gordeziani

Edited by

R. Bochorishvili


C O N T E N T S 

Berelidze N., Tsiskaridze A. Software Utilities for Preparation and Realization of Lessons Using Local Area Network of YAMAHA MSX-2 Personal Computer Class

Bochorishvili R., Vepkhvadze N. Some One and Two-Step Schemes That Converge in Minimal Apriori Estimates for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws

Bochorishvili R. Three-Level High Resolution Schemes for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws

Davitashvili T. Numerical Model of the Dew Point Deficit Prediction with Account of Orography Influence

Dzhishkariani A., Svanidze A. The Order of Convergence of Projection-Iteration Method

Gordeziani D., Gordeziani N., Avalishvili G. On One Class Of Non-Local Problems for Partial Differential Equations

Kaladze T., Kandelaki M., Tsamalashvili L. Electric-Field Generation in a Mesosphere Cloud

Khokhiashvili I. Technical and Software of Connection of Stores on Magnetic Tapes EC-5017 to IBM-Compatible Personal Computers

Khokhiashvili I., Tsiskaridze V. Technical and Software of Connection of Terminals of a EC 1604 to IBM-Compatible Personal Computers

Korkotashvili L, Dzaparidze D., Giorgobiani B., Gogishvili P., Gogichashvili V., Rtskhiladze I., Tsiskaridze V. About One Computer Model of Miction and About Application of Games in Children's

Kutsia T. On Three-Valued Extension of Classical First-Order Logic

Lomidze K., Tsiskaridze A. Realisation of Post Machine on IBM Compatible Computers

Makharadze M. Towards One Logical Method of Program Verification

Mestiashvili K. About the Solution of a Problem for a Rectangular Area by Bitsadze-Samarsky method

Mestiashvili K. On Some Generalization of Nonlocal Boundary Problems

Mchedlishvili N. On the Fast Algorithms for Approximate Solution of Characteristic Singular Integral Equation

Moshiashvili M. Estimation of Profitable Interface Convenience in Dialogue Systems

Pkhakadze K. Towards a notion of incompletely defined set

Pkhakadze Sh., Rukhaia Kh. Logic - Foundation of Assertional Programming

Rogava J., Gulua D. On the Solution of Indignation Operator Equation with Close Operator in the Head Part

Rogava J., Gulua D. Reducing the Three-level Scheme for Evolution Equation to Two-Level by Method of Indication

Sanikidze D. Numerical Solution of One Problem of Interaction of Two Elastic Cylinders

Sanikidze D. On One Scheme of Numerical Solution of Dirichlet Problem by Method of Integral Equations

Sharashidze G. New Structural Invariants and Structural Isomorphism Languages for Polynomial Computing

Shashiashvili M. On The Skorokhod Oblique Reflection Problem

Tsiskaridze V. Computing the Number of Fundamental Invariants of Binary Forms

Zarnadze D., Zotniashvili S. On the Extension of Ritz's Method for an Equation with a Symmetric and Positive Definite Operator in Some Frechet Spaces