Reports of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Volume 10, # 1, 1995

This collection contains the reports which were delivered on April 21-23, 1995 at the section of Partial Differential Equations of Enlarged Session of the Seminar of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.



Chairman of seminar

G. Jaiani

Edited by

T. Jangveladze





Aptsiauri M. Three-Level Difference Schemes for One Nonlinear System of Partial Differential Equations

Babilodze I. Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Linear Loaded Strictly Hyperbolic Systems

Bochorishvili R. Quasivariational Formulation of One Controllability Problem for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws

Bochorishvili R., Jaiani D. Quasikinetic Formulation of Some Boundary Problems for Some Ordinary Differential Equations

Chartolani R. On General Solutions of Euler-Darboux-Poisson Equation

Chichua G. On a Boundary-Contact Problem for a Solid-Fluid Model

Chinchaladze N. Cylindrical Bending of the Prismatic Shells with Two Sharp Edges in Case of a Strip

Gugulashvili Y. The Uniqueness of the Solution of Cauchy Problem for some Differential Equation of 2p Order

Iremadze N., Jangveladze T. On Limiting Process and Two Difference Schemes for Charney Regularized Equation

Jaiani G. On a Way of Solution of Boundary Value Problems for a Class of Third Order Partial Differential Equations

Jangveladze T., Kiguradze Z. The Asymptotic Behaviour of the Solution of One Nonlinear Integro-Differential Parabolic Equation

Jokhadze O. The Darboux Type Problem in a Dihedral Angle for Third Order Equations of Hyperbolic Type

Kharibegashvili S. On a Non-Characteristic Multidimensional Problem of Darboux Type the Wave Equation

Khatiashvili N. On the Nonlinear Plane Boundary Problem

Kiguradze Z. Domain Decomposition and Parallel Algorithm for Bitsadze-Samarski Boundary Value Problem

Klebanskaya M. On Cauchy and Goursat Problems for the Class of Quasilinear Mixed Type Equations

Komurjishvili The Construction of Difference Scheme for a Nonhomogenous Biharmonic Equation with the Method of the Functions Derivative in Direction

Magnaradze L. Some Classes of Lineal Partial Differential Equations with Two and three Independent Variables and their Applications

Maisuradze G. About Uniqueness of the Solution of High Order Parabolic Equation with Growing Coefficients

Makharadze T. On The Solvability of a Problem of Oblique Derivative for the Second Order Hyperbolic Equation

Mosidze B. A Non-local Spatial Problem for the Third Order Equation with a Dominant Derivative

Sharikadze J. Two Dimensional Unsteady Problem of the Viscous Fluid Flow with Heat Transfer

Shulaia D. For the Question of the Fredholms Equation of the Third Kind

Tavkhelidze I. On the Behavior of Solutions of the One Class Elliptic Equations

Tkeshelashvili G. A Problem on Continuous Body (Substance) Consisting of a Liquid and a Solid Flexible Body (Corpus)

Tugushi A., Chotorlishvili L. The Burned out Holes Width in the Ferromagnetic

Usanetashvili M. The Poincare Problem for a Mixed Type Equation with Two-Dimensional Domain of Parabolicity

Zarnadze D., Zotniashvili S. On the Existence of a Solution of an Equation with a Symmetric and Positive Definite Operator in Some Frechet Spaces