Short CV


George Jaiani

(Other transcriptions: Dzhaiani, Dzaiani)


Permanent address


Bagebi, Cooperative block III, apartment 2

0162, Tbilisi


Mailing address


I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

of Tbilisi State University

2, University St.

0186, Tbilisi




(+99532) 218 80 98,  (+99532) 230 30 40 (of.)

(+99532) 229 04 70 (h.)






Date of birth: June 19, 1945

Place of birth: Tbilisi, Georgia

Marital status: married, two children, four grandchildren

Citizenship: Georgia 

Languages spoken: Georgian (native), Russian, German, English, Italian.


Graduated from the Tbilisi State University (TSU) for Mathematics and Mechanics, January 1968, Diploma with Honours in Mechanics.

1968-1971     Postgraduate of TSU.

1974  Ph.D. (Candidate of Sci.) in Mechanics of Deformable Bodies, Razmadze Institute of   Mathematics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Thesis: "Some Problems for Prismatic Shells with Cusp Edges", Scientific Advisor Academician, Professor Ilia Vekua.

1979/1980  Fellowship at the University of  Rome "La Sapienza" by Prof. G. Fichera.

1986 Dr. Hab.-Doctor of Sci., in Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics, Razmadze Institute of Mathematics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, 1986. Thesis: "Boundary Value Problems for Linear Elliptic Equations with Order Degeneration and Applications".


12.02-01.06.1968, 1971-1973  Junior research fellow  of  I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics (VIAM ) of TSU.

1974-1987  Scientific Secretary of  VIAM of TSU.

1987 – 2006 (December)  Deputy Director of VIAM of TSU.

1989 – 2009 (August)  Professor of  TSU.

2006 (December) – present Director of VIAM of TSU

2009 (September) – present Full Professor of TSU


Member of the Committee of the Division of Mathematics of the European Academy of Sciences (since 2009).

Member of the European Academy of Sciences (since 2002).

Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation (since 2002).

Member of the Georgian Engineering Academy.

Member of the Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences (GANS).

Member of AMS, ISAAC, GAMM, and ISIMM.

Member of  the delegation of the Georgian Mathematical Union (GMU)  at the inaugural meeting of the European Mathematical Society (EMS) (1990).

Vice-Chairman of the Georgian Mathematical National Committee (1989-1994)

EMS Council member (delegate of individual members) (1994-2001).

Member of the EMS committee for support of East European mathematicians (2002-2009).

In 1995 has founded by support of EMS, GANS, and VIAM of TSU the Tbilisi International Centre of Mathematics and Informatics (TICMI) (about activities of TICMI see BULLETIN of TICMI or Website


Since foundation of TICMI Chairman of the International Scientific Committee of TICMI. TICMI contributes to the efforts of EMS to encourage quality research and teaching in mathematics in Transcaucasia and adjacent region.

Initiator together with Prof.P.E.Ricci of an agreement regulating direct cultural and scientific cooperation between Rome University "La Sapienza" and University of  Tbilisi (since 1997).

Since foundation (2000) Co-Chairman then Chairman of the Georgian National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

Since 2012 President of the Georgian Mechanical Union.

Initiator of  acceptance of  Georgia as a member of  IUTAM  at Chicago meeting of  the IUTAM General Assembly (2000).

Member of  the General Assembly of IUTAM (since 2001).

Chairman of the International Scientific Committee of IUTAM symposium on Relations of Shells, Plates, Beams and 3D Models, dedicated to I.Vekua's 100-th birthday anniversary (2007).

Editor of Bulletin of TICMI (since 1997)

Editor of Lecture Notes of TICMI (since 2000)

Associated Editor of Hindawi Journal of Applied Mathematics (2006-2017)

Associated Editor of Applicable Analysis (since 2014)

Fields of interest: Differential Equations, Mathematical Modelling, Continuum Mechanics.

Ph.D. students: Supervised the theses of 6 Ph.D students.

Visiting positions, research stays and participation in Congresses, conferences and symposia in Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Netherlands, Australia and USA, in particular, participation in ICM-94, ICM-98, ECM1, ECM2, ICIAM 95, ISAAC 97, 3ECM, ICTAM2000, ICIAM07, 5ECM, ICTAM2008, ICCS 17, AIDAA XXII, ACEX2014, ACEX2015, ICTAM2016, ACEX2017

Grants, Awards and Schollarships:  SRNSF (Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation) Grants (# 217596, 2016-2019; #30/28, 2013-2015; #D-13/18, 2012-2014); SRNSF-CNR (Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) Grant (#09/04, 2012-2014); Grant of SRNSF (Project 08-802-3-109, GNSF/ST08/3-388, 2010-2012); Grant of Georgian National Science Foundation (Project GNSF/ST06/3-035, 2006-2008);  INTAS South Caucasian Republics 2006 - Research Project  No : 06-100017-8886 (2007-2009); GRDF/CRDF Grant (Georgian-U.S. Bilateral Grants Program III, GEP1-3339-TB-06, 2007-2009); Individual grant of George Sorros Foundation  (1993); NATO-CNR (Italy, 1995); Ateneo (Italy, 1996); DAAD-German Academic Exchange Service (Germany, 1994, 1999); Max-Planck-Geselschaft (Germany, 1996); DFG-German National Science Foundation (Germany, 1999, 2004, 2008); NATO Science Fellowships Programme (Czech Republic 2001/2002); Partner country coordinator of  a project  of NATO Science Programme (NATO PST.CLG. 976426/5437) (2000-2002); The Order of Honour (Georgia, 2013); The Medal of Honour (Georgia, 1998); The Medal and Prize of the Georgian Academy of Sciences for young researchers (1974).

Author of 5 monographs, 4 textbooks, 7 electronic textbooks, and more than 100 papers.

List of some selected publications:

  1. A Model of Layered Prismatic Shells. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 28, 765-784, 2016  

  2. On basic problems for elastic prismatic shells with microtemperatures. ZAMM - Z. Angew. Math. Mech., 96 (9), 1082–1088, 2016 (with L. Bitsadze)

  3. Vekua type hierarchical models for prismatic shells with mixed conditions on face surfaces. Composite Structures,152, 226-238, 2016

  4. Differential Hierarchical Models for Elastic Prismatic Shells with Microtemperatures. ZAMM - Z. Angew. Math. Mech., 95 (1), 77-90, 2015

  5. Hierarchical Models for Prismatic Shells with Mixed Conditions on Face Surfaces. Bull. TICMI, 17 (2), 24-48,  2013

  6. Some Basic Boundary Value Problems of the Plane Thermoelasticity with Microtemperatures, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 2012, 36 (8), 956–966, 2013 (with L. Bitsadze)

  7. Initial-boundary value problems for solid-fluid composite structures, Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Physik (ZAMP), 63 (4), 625-653, 2012 (with Chinchaladze, N.; Gilbert, R.; Kharibegashvili, S.; Natroshvili, D.)

  8. Concentrated contact interactions in cuspidate prismatic shell-like bodies, Archive of Applied Mechanics, 81 (10), 1487-1505, 2011 (with Chinchaladze, N., Maistrenko, B., and Podio-Guidugli, P.)

  9. Cusped Shell-like Structures, SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology, Springer-Heidelberg-Dordrecht-London-New York, 2011

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