Permanent address Home: Settlement Vazisubani, 2 micro-district, 2 bulding, 135 flat 380052, Tbilisi, 52, Georgia

Mailing address Office: I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematic of Tbilisi State University, 2, University St. 380043, Tbilisi, 43, Georgia

Tel.: (+99532) 30 30 40 (of.); (+99532) 75 88 62 (h.)


Last name: Aburjania

First name: George

Data of birth: May, 30, 1951

Place of birth: Khobi, Republic of Georgia

Marital status: married, two children



1973 gradueted from Tbilisi State University, Physics Faculty (Theoretical Physics).

On the basis of interdepartmental agreement worked: At the Physical-Technical Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Department of high-frequency heating and theory of Plasma ( Kharkow, 1973-1978); at the Kurchatow Institute of Atomic Energy, Department of plasma physics and Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, 1979-1990).

Academic degree:

Ph. D. (Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences) at the Institute of Physics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, on speciality "Physics and Chemics of Plasma", Tbilisi, 1978. Theses: Plasma Stabilities under heating and keeping in a Magnetic Trap.

Dr. Hab. (Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Full Professor) at the Tbilisi State University, on spesiality "theoretical and Mathematical Physics". 1990. Theses: Nonlinear Vortical Structures in a magnetized plasma.


Recent employment:

Head of the Laboratory "Investigations of extraordinary phenomena" in Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics Tbilisi State University.

Professor of Physics, Tbilisi State University.


Hember of Editorial Board of Vekua Institute.

Scientific Grants:

1999 Soros (ISF) grant.

1998-1999 INTAS grant No.96-02064 ("Survey of anthropogenic and geophysical electromagnetic perturbations in the ionosphere with the MIR station").


Field of Research:

Plasma theory; controlled Thermonuclear Fusion; Dynamics of nonlinear wave perturbations and turbulence in nonuniform continuum (Plasma, Astropysics, Wordl Oceans).

Number of Publications: 80. (see the list of publications)

Any international work experience:

Member of New York Academy of Sciences.

Member of organized comitees and participant of many International conferences.

Member of Georgian Physical Union.

Selected Publications:

1. Generation of Electromagnetic Perturbations by Acoustic Waves in the Ionosphere, Journal of Geophysics Research, 1998, v.103, No. A5, p.9441-9447.

2. Acoustic Channel of the Litosphere-Ionosphere Linkage Whole Seismic Activity, Proc. of the Intern, Workshop "Geophysics and Geochemic Criteria to Forecast Earthquakes", Baku, 1998, p.17.

3. Night Sky Green Radiation Intensity Amplification by Nonlinear Acoustic-Gravity Vortices in Ionosphere Prior to the Earthquake, Ibid, 1998, p.15.

4. Nonlinear Wave Structures in Plasmas and Geophysical Flows (A rewiew). Proc. of the Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics Tbilisi State University, 1998, p.3-44 (Russian).

5. New Mechanism for Electromagnetic Field Generation by Acoustic Waves in particaly Ionized Plasmas, Physics Letters A, 1997, v.226, p.199-204.

6. Self-Organization of Acoustic-Gravity Vortices in Ionosphere before Earthquakes, Plasma Physics Reports, 1996, v.22, No.10, p.864-868.

7. Nonlinear Vortical Structures in a Magnetized Plasma. Tbilisi Univ. Press, 1990, Tbilisi, p.351.

8. Srtuctural Turbulences and Diffusion in a Magnetic Trap, Fizika Plazmi, 1990, v.16, No.1, p.70-76 (Russian).

9. Self-Organization of Flute Waves in a Rotating bounded Plasma Cylinder, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 1988, v.31, No.3, p.345-349.

10. Nonlinear Regular Structures of Drift Magneto-Acoustic Waves, Jornal of Plasma Physics, 1987, v.38, part.3, p.373-386.

11. Dynamics of drift Vortices in Collision Plasmas, Physica Scripta, 1987, v.35, p. 677-681.

12. A Class of Exact solution of the Hasegava - Mima Equation, Physics Letters A, 1987, v.123, No.8, p.402-404.

13. Structure of Nonlinear Equations of Magnetized Plasma and the problem of Stability of Magnetoacoustic Solutions, Jornal Experiment. and Theoretic. Fiziki (JET), 1985, v.89, No.2, p. 482-497 (Russian).

14. Alfven Vortex Solutions in a Homogeneous Magnetized Plasma, Physics Letters A, 1984, v.101, No.5,6, p.263-266.

15. Resonant and disspative interaction of drift solutions with particles, Plasma Phys. and Controled Fusion, 1984, v.26, p.603-612.

16. Nonlinear Evolution of Beam Instabilities in a Magnetized Plasma, Fizika Plazmi, 1983, v.9, No.2, p.273-277 (Russian).

17. Instability of the Internal m=1Hink modes in the Toroidal Trap with Space magnetic Axic, Fizika Plazmi, 1981, v.7, N.1, p.64-71 (Russian).

19. Nonlinear interaction of the Charged Particles, Flows with magnetized Plasma, Fizika Plazmi, 1978, v.4, N.1, p.227-234 (Russian).

20. Plasma Instabilities appearing at cyclotron heating of Ion Groups, Pisma v JTF, 1976, v.2, No.3, p. 105-108 (Russian).


Scientific Interests of George Aburjania:

Linear and nonlinear theory of wave and turbulent processse in plasma medium, atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere and ocean. Transfer processes of the pollution in the atmosphere and ocean. Physical and mathematical modeling of experimental data of extraordinary processes and phenomena. Problems of the Climate change


(G. Aburjania)